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When Will We Reach The New Earth Proxima Centauri B?

When Will We Reach The New Earth Proxima Centauri B?

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Today I’m bringing you guys with me on a trip to the closest potentially habitable exoplanet to Earth.
The only thing is…I don’t actually know how to reach it. It’s not about the map. It’s about the transport method. Even being the closest, its distance is still too much for our technology.
It would take too long for us – better saying, for our probes – to reach Proxima Centauri b.
Sure is that, if we ever managed to land on that planet, we would have a beautiful night view from its surface. In fact, from Proxima Centauri b, the binary stars Alpha Centauri would be considerably brighter than Venus is from Earth.
And the Sun would appear as a relatively bright star with an apparent magnitude of 0.40 in the constellation of Cassiopeia.
In other words, the brightness of the Sun would be similar to that of Achernar or Procyon from Earth.
But it will be difficult to even fly by the planet, due to the huge distance from Earth. In any case, I promise I will think about an efficient transportation method.
But how much does this distance account for?

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