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Total Body Sculpt Pilates Routine (Cassey Ho, Blogilates)

Total Body Sculpt Pilates Routine (Cassey Ho, Blogilates)

Cassey Ho takes you through a total body sculpt pilates routine. This time, you won’t need a single weight to help you through this. Just rely on your body and the mat. We’re going to target the arms, booty, abs, the legs; literally everything.

Let’s start out with one of my weightless arm routines. Don’t be deceived though. You’ll still be feeling the burn. For this one, sit however you feel comfortable. It sounds too good to be true, but it’s not! Just make sure your spine is nice and tall.

We’re also going to do a kneeling side squeeze. This involves brining one hand down, and one leg out. We’ll extend the arm over, touch the thigh, and carry our arm over our head. This actually looks very elegant when you do it correctly! Stick with me and repeat these moves on each side for a great total body sculpting workout!

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