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Full Body Yoga Flow | Best Yoga Class To Get Through Isolation

Full Body Yoga Flow | Best Yoga Class To Get Through Isolation

This 30 minute full body yoga class is a beautiful deep stretch and at home workout that will leave your body feeling great and your mind clear and recharged.

During these unprecedented isolated times turning to yoga is one of the most effective and beneficial ways to combat all the unsettling new challenges. We hope this yoga class finds its way to your heart and brings forward the value, grounding, and self-love that you deserve today.

When you cannot go outward, it is our belief that beautiful opportunity has been created to then go inward and do the work necessary to find exactly what you thought you needed elsewhere. Because in the end everything you need is right inside of you. All that you are looking for and all that you think you are missing. Yoga is the doorway inside, just step through.

All our love… Juliana & Mark

Shot On Vancouver Island, Canada
Intro Song: Duce Williams- Love Is True

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