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Luxury RVs offer safe holidays in Karnataka :: Lonely Planet India

Luxury RVs offer safe holidays in Karnataka :: Lonely Planet India

Luxecampers are safe and comfortableImage courtesy: ©Karnataka Toruism Board

Travellers venturing out now find the option of a road trip in a vehicle for family and friends a safe one. Karnataka state tourism board is planning to lure its travellers for safe holidays along the state’s many heritage, wildlife, hillsides on road trips.

Luxecamper has teamed up with the Karnataka Tourism Board and Jungle Lodges and Resorts Ltd to offer personalised road holidays in the state on luxury vans fitted with all comforts.

Luxecamper provides private holidays on wheels to travel safely and maintain social distancing. The vehicles can accommodate four travellers.

“Our trips are highly personalised so that we could focus on creating a safe travel environment throughout the journey on these motor homes”, says Ramesh Govindan of Luxecamper.

Travellers can enjoy curated holidays

Travellers can enjoy curated holidaysImage courtesy: ©Karnataka Toruism Board

These recreational vehicles (RV) called Luxecampers provide certified drivers and experienced guides who have their personal cabin and are medically certified to take on the trip accompanying the travellers. They also have the app Aarogya Setu in their phones for health safety and tracking.

Their cabin is isolated from the guest-dwelling unit. The guest cabin is fitted with comforts like a dining cart and sleeping arrangements with 2 queen-sized beds for four guests. The bathroom and toilet are sanitised and the vehicles are equipped with heaters for warm air circulation and hot water is available in the kitchenette sink and bathroom. The upholstery and linen are treated with high steam and the interior surfaces are wiped with sanitizers.

Travellers will have the option to bring and cook their own food

Travellers will have the option to bring and cook their own foodImage courtesy: ©Karnataka Toruism Board

Food served is provided by the Luxecamper team to avoid travellers from joining in on busy restaurants and eateries along the way. Options for guests to bring their own food along to cook are also possible. Crockery and cutlery will be washed in hot water and sanitised.

Travellers can choose curated trips based on their interests in Karnataka including heritage sites of Hampi, wildlife safaris in Bandipur and Kabini, and short breaks from Bengaluru to Bheemeshwari or curate their own personalised trips. The company has chalked halting sites that “are not crowded”.

“We have also taken care to ensure that the activities are personalised and no sharing of the same with third parties”, says Ramesh who plans to replicate the private holidays on wheels in other states too.

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