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The Truth Behind The Parallel Universe NASA Discovered!

The Truth Behind The Parallel Universe NASA Discovered!

From what the internet said it was, to what it’s really about, and what all this means about our lives, and more! Join us as we dive into the truth behind the “Parallel Universe” NASA “Discovered”.

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There is a certain “law” out there in the world today that everyone should know. It is one backed up by science, by history, by common sense, and more. Quite simply, that law is the law of “You Don’t Trust Everything You See On The Internet!” Granted, sometimes you see things on the internet that are so shocking that it CAN’T be true, and yet it is. But other times, you get lured in by something that seems shockingly true, and yet, it’s not.
Such was the case recently with the “discovery” of something that truly would’ve broken the universe as we know it. Because according to some, NASA had discovered a parallel universe. One where time didn’t flow normally. Instead, it flowed backward.
So let’s be like that parallel universe and rewind things for a bit, shall we? A little while back articles from the New York Post, Daily Star and Express stated “sources” that NASA had indeed discovered a parallel universe, and in this universe, time was flowing backwards ever since the point of the Big Bang. The internet went crazy with this potential discovery, especially as many wondered what it could mean in the large scale.
The idea of parallel universes is nothing new (as we discuss in another video of ours!), and there has been rampant speculation as to what they would be like, how they formed, and more. But it would be safe to say that in all of those theories, none of them had time running backwards, as that would be highly irregular, and how do you go backwards from the beginning of time itself?
Regardless of that answer, many people across the board started to go nuts on the internet trying to figure out the hows and whys as to how all of this happened. When the immediate answer was right in front of them. Not in regards to how it all worked, but rather, whether we could believe this to be true. Because The New York Post, the Daily Star and the Express aren’t exactly the most reliable of sources when it comes to major news breaks.
Not to mention, if you look at the articles from the papers, they’re all just quoting one another, and just as important, they’re citing a lot of information…in an incorrect fashion.
That’s right, NASA has NOT found a parallel universe where time flows backwards, not even close. Though that does raise the question…how did we get from there to here? Simple, NASA did find something, it’s just nothing on the level of a parallel universe…yet.
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So where did this whole parallel universe mess really start? Believe it or not, it was in Antarctica. But not in the way you’re thinking. There’s an experiment going on down there that had some interesting findings as of late.
Scientists actually found evidence (signals) of fundamental particles that may defy our current understanding of physics. It might even just be an issue with how particles interact with ice.
Here’s a detailed breakdown of the experiment in the words of its lead research paper writer, Ibrahim Safa of UW–Madison.
“During the first three flights of the Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (ANITA) experiment, the collaboration detected several neutrino candidates. Two of these candidate events were consistent with an ultra-high-energy up-going air shower and compatible with a tau neutrino interpretation. A third neutrino candidate event was detected in a search for Askaryan radiation in the Antarctic ice, although it is also consistent with the background expectation. The inferred emergence angle of the first two events is in tension with IceCube and ANITA limits on isotropic cosmogenic neutrino fluxes. Here, we test the hypothesis that these events are astrophysical in origin, possibly caused by a point source in the reconstructed direction.”
Notice that nowhere in there is any words like “parallel” or “universe” or “reversing time”. Which brings us to a tweet that Safa did after hearing about all the people saying that the team had found a parallel universe:
” NASA has discovered that y’all should not be getting your news from the new york post.”
Wise words indeed.

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