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Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life ♥  I Believe | Inspirational Travel Video |

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life ♥ I Believe | Inspirational Travel Video |

An Inspirational Travel video the love of my life and I made about life, love, the planet, and our obsessive wanderlust nature.
Shot all around St.Lucia.

Hope this video inspires you to reach for your dreams, never give up, and learn to love yourself in every possible way! Life is a journey not a destination.

Please share if you relate to these ideas… and not just share this video, but share positive energy, your own inspirational video, or even just a smile.

Inspiration for women.
Inspiration for men.
Inspiration for us all to make the world a better place.
Inspiration is Life.

And you check out our Part two, Mark’s version here:

I Believe
by: Juliana & Mark

I believe in taking chances.
I believe that we were all brought here to find a passionate purpose.
That we should appreciating the little things that matter most.
I believe in being kind to all who share this land.
That we are each fighting our own battles just trying to survive.
In this new age of devices, time speeds up so we must learn to slow down.

I believe that each of us has the power to become anything we dream to be.
I believe this is not an easy journey.
but I believe in you. and that you believe in me.

I believe we are all still children but we were told to grow up.
That our 100 years isn’t even a scratch.
and maybe life shouldn’t be taken so seriously.
If we open up to possibility, dreams can always come true.

I believe in watching sunsets. And in naming stars.
And in thinking about this existence as a transient system that we are only a small part of.
its like a bubble or a fog. One day forgotten.
This is the beautiful nothingness.

Maybe every day counts. Every decision we make.
We can become better versions of ourselves.
I believe our choices today will define our tomorrow. Individually and as a planet.

I believe in falling in love with ourselves and with you. Looking past the faults, insecurities, and in seeing the universe together as our beautiful creation.
Its up to us how we chose to see it.
Its our perception which becomes our reality.

I believe in following your heart. No matter how much resistance we meet.
I believe we each have the strength in us to evolve.
That we are all beautiful.
That we can do anything.
And that the power of one, is enough to change the course.
I believe in you.

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