Stars With The Worst Personal Hygiene In Hollywood

Stars With The Worst Personal Hygiene In Hollywood

There is nothing wrong with being au naturale and one with the Earth. But when your scent and presence cause everyone to hold their breath or clear a room, you need to check yourself.

And yes, there are even celebrities that need to check themselves. Even with all the dough to buy themselves the best hygiene products available, some celebs don’t just have star presence, but a scent that lingers.

We’ve compiled a list of celebs that have the worst personal hygiene in Hollywood. Are they some of your favorite stars? If you’re that curious to find out then stick around.

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Jessica Simpson | 0:00
Cameron Diaz | 1:08
Megan Fox | 1:31
Kristen Stewart | 1:51
Brad Pitt | 2:22
Miley Cyrus | 2:46
Bradley Cooper | 3:22
Shailene Woodley | 3:44
Harry Styles | 4:23
Vanessa Paradis | 5:05

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