Sexual breakdown: the do’s and don’ts

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Sexual breakdown: the do’s and don’ts


Sexual breakdown happens. But how do you manage this delicate situation? The impossibility of obtaining a valid or lasting erection can indeed cause discomfort in the woman partner, who often does not know how to react. So, what to do and what not to do: advice from sexologist in Delhi!

Often in case of erection problems, lovers, who nevertheless desire, turn, which causes a cold and freezing of the sexual relationship. We tell you everything so that this punctual erectile dysfunction does not permanently affect the couple.

Don’t be offended. When a man has erectile dysfunction, women often think that he is not arousing or that he does not like him. Witness the reaction of Miss B. who said to her lover: “You must not want me actually. Now, all men say it: you absolutely must not think that there is a cause and effect link between you and this wobbly erection. “Otherwise this man would no longer see you,” notes the best sexologist in Delhi. Eh yes! If he sees you, it’s good that he wants you. But you? Do you hold it against him?

Above all, don’t get angry. Sometimes, to cope with what the woman feels as a vexation, she gets angry … “Clearly this was too much, I told her that we were not compatible, that it was mechanical! “(Miss B.). Once this final sentence has been pronounced, there is no longer any chance that the man will try again because he is too afraid to miss. Just imagine the opposite situation for two seconds: you have no lubrication and your partner drops you for that … Not cool. So, don’t add to it … at least for a while, the time to get an idea of ​​the extent and the frequency of this problem.

Don’t try to be more desirable. As it does not come from you, no need to try pseudo-exciting things like baby dolls or sexy striptease, it could make things worse for your lover and make you all the more bogged down in the feeling of humiliation. So, we stay calm, suggests top sexologist in Delhi.

Do not loosen. Do not start to get into big debates like: “You know, sex is 50% of a couple, and the average reports of the Indian being three per week, I have the right to wonder if you n ‘m not below the average in terms of conjugal obligations, moreover… ”Hush.

Do not neglect the “ mitigating circumstances … or not!” Problems at work, stress, winter depression, etc., there are several elements that can explain a libido at half-mast! But not only … Drug use, alcohol, porn addiction, etc. Maybe the problem isn’t with sex, says sexologist doctor in Delhi.

Relax the atmosphere. Imagine that it is not easy for your partner to bounce back, he too hesitates between laughing and crying, so relax him! Put yourself in his arms, be cuddly, offer a massage, a bath, a film, sushi … In short, show him that you are not there only for sex. He must have the feeling that having a good time with you does not only depend on the quality of his erection. You have to put yourself in his place: it must be very stressful to tell yourself that the person with whom you are at risk of leaving if you are not at the same level. So, breathe to allow him to do the same, says sex specialist in Delhi.

Bet preliminary. The worst thing in these moments is that we don’t dare to do anything anymore: “I couldn’t touch him anymore for fear of another failure, confides Miss B, so it remained platonic on remaining from the night. On the contrary, you have to have a diversion, it is for example a good opportunity to work on the preliminaries and all the pleasures without penetration. Kisses, caresses, fellatio, masturbation … There is enough to do! And then a body is big, right? So, explore gently and sensually this immense universe that is the other, suggests sexologist in Delhi.

Discuss (but don’t epilogue). Very often men appreciate the conversation with women, it allows them to express their sensitivity. Chat with your companion in peace, reassuring him, listening to him. He may have existential problems, or stress: try to understand him as you would for a friend, without waiting for immediate results, just to support him, says sexologist in Delhi.

Be patient and optimistic. Good things come to those who wait for. A man can be in a difficult period (which he cannot or will not necessarily want to talk about right away), without necessarily ending your relationship in absolute terms. Know that everything changes and that over time things can go in the right direction. How many couples make love better after some time together than at the very beginning?

We’re going to see a doctor. Most men think that the causes of erectile dysfunction cannot be treated, when it is not. There are centers specializing in erectile dysfunction. The sexologist in Delhi will check that everything is in good working order, he will define whether the problem is psychological or physical and, once the diagnosis has been established, he will propose the most adequate treatment. Simple, effective! But you can’t go in place of the other, so you can only suggest.

There, you know everything! Now, if it lasts too long, you don’t feel any possible evolution and / or the other doesn’t communicate with you, you have the right to go. Even if we repeat to whoever wants to hear that couple relationships involve permanent concessions, there is no question of being perpetually frustrated either, explains sexologist in Delhi.