sexual beliefs

Sexual Beliefs

sexual beliefs

Men with Erectile Dysfunction have a set of myths and inadequate ideas about sexuality, which work as a vulnerability factor for the development of their difficulties, warns sexologist in Delhi. Among these myths are the ideas that: “ a man is always interested and ready for sex “, “ a real man is sexually functional “, “ sex is centered on a hard penis and what is done with it ”, “ Sex equals penetration “.

According to the best sexologist in Delhi, a man who has this set of erroneous beliefs about sexuality, is more likely to develop catastrophic ideas about the consequences of eventual sexual failure. Faced with these situations, men with high beliefs in the myths described above usually develop negative ideas about themselves: ” I am less than a man “, ” I am a sexual failure “, “I will never be able to solve this problem “. These negative beliefs and consequent self-concepts not only predispose these men to the development of sexual difficulties but also play a central role in maintaining the problem, explains top sexologist in Delhi.

In a work dedicated to orgasmic difficulties, sex specialist in Delhi, indicate a set of sexual myths typical of women with sexual dysfunction. The proposed myths not only integrate beliefs related to female sexual conservatism: ” women with respect are not excited by erotic material “, ” female women do not initiate sexual activity “, ” the vaginal orgasm is more feminine and mature than the clitoral orgasm “; how they include dimensions of myths related to the role of age and physical beauty in sexual activity: ” sex is only for women under the age of thirty “, ” the woman’s sexual life ends with menopause “; and beliefs regarding performance requirements: “a normal woman reaches orgasm whenever she has sex “,” all women are capable of having multiple orgasms “,” a functional woman can always get excited with her sexual partner “,” something is wrong when a woman does not you can have an orgasm quickly and easily “.

In an investigation, it was possible to notice that women with sexual dysfunction have higher scores on the total scale of dysfunctional beliefs, as well as have more beliefs related to the role of age and the importance of body image and physical beauty in sexual functioning. In general, dysfunctional women believe that the aging process, especially after menopause, implies a decrease in sexual desire and pleasure.

Regarding the male population, sex doctor in Delhi also highlights the fact that dysfunctional men have presented higher scores in all evaluated beliefs. In particular, belief in the myth of the “Indian male” and inadequate beliefs in the face of female sexual satisfaction, contributed to discriminate between functional and dysfunctional men.

In general, it is possible to see that the belief in erroneous sexual myths can be the basis of the development of sexual dysfunctions when the man or woman is faced with sexual failure. The demystification of some of these myths plays a major role in maintaining a healthy sex life, suggests a sexologist doctor in Delhi.

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