sex and sport

Sex And Sport

sex and sport

How do sexuality and sport interact when we combine them? Find out how you can improve your sex life if you exercise regularly, and how an erotic encounter affects sports performance.

How sport affects sexual relations

Can sexuality and sport go hand in hand? What are the results of this energy shake? In the next lines we are going to deal with two essential points to find out, taking into account how gentle and prolonged sports activities affect the sexual lives of individuals, and how sexual encounters can influence productivity in sports events.

It seems clear that practicing moderate intensity sports on a regular basis significantly improves people’s physical and mental health, and precisely these are the two basic premises to enjoy adequate sexual health, thus favoring it in an unquestionable way.

In this way, we have just cleared up the first question, and now sexologist in Delhi, India will explain in more detail the benefits of physical exercise that contribute to improving the quality of sexual relations :

1. Better cardiovascular health, better erections

Scientific evidence indicates that measured training helps our hearts stay in top shape. One of the most important physiological phenomena that occur during sexual function is the dilation of blood vessels, providing a significant flow of blood to certain areas involved in this process, explains best sexologist in Delhi, India. This phenomenon is responsible for the erectile response of some regions, such as the penis or the clitoris, so it is easy to think that sport will help us prevent the appearance of problems associated with erectile dysfunction in men and improve the sexual experience in the case of women.

2. Control metabolic disorders, facilitate arousal

The moderate practice of sports activities will also help control the levels of insulin produced by our body. Taking into account that metabolic diseases as prevalent as diabetes mellitus can induce certain sexual disorders associated mainly to the arousal phase (erectile dysfunction, or lubrication problems), monitoring this aspect will be another important argument to increase our physical activity, suggests sexologist doctor in Delhi.

3. Boost your respiratory system … and your sexual stamina

And what about our breathing? The functioning of our lungs will be positively influenced if we move assiduously, supplying all the organs of our body with blood and oxygen. This advantage will be maximized if we learn to control this process, being a great ally in our daily lives, and increasing our resistance in the sexual field.

4. Matter of weight, matter of desire

Here is another very important reason to play sports: the loss of calories. Staying in shape will provide us with multiple advantages, and that is that on the one hand we will improve our health in general by avoiding overweight and obesity and, on the other, we will feel more attractive, agile and flexible, increasing desire and love possibilities. Who knows, maybe this will allow you to try that kamasutra posture that you thought was impossible!

5. Muscle tone: toned biceps and vaginas 

At this point, it is worth remembering how muscular we are going to put on in the gym or, in other words, how our muscles are going to experience a significant increase in mass. Do you already know how you can take advantage of all that strength and energy that training will give you? This point will be especially interesting for women, because the strengthening of the pelvic muscles will help us to regain vaginal tonicity, and will also contribute to the prevention of urinary incontinence, and will even stimulate our sexual appetite, says sex specialist in Delhi.

6. Emotional issues: activate your pleasure

As we have already pointed out, playing sports not only has a significant influence on our physical health, but it also plays an essential role on our emotional well-being. Those in charge of making us feel good, controlling stress, and raising our libido, will be the well-known hormones, substances secreted by different cells of our body whose release we can promote when practicing exercise.

How having sex affects athletic performance

‘Sex is detrimental to sports performance’… Myth or reality? It seems clear that such a statement has been widely supported by coaches known, given the total prohibition of their stars keep sex during the most important and media championships in the sport.

But … Is it really necessary to take these precautions? Let’s go on the trail by unraveling the two main hypotheses on which those who claim that sexual activity negatively influences the performance of athletes are based.

Hypothesis 1: calories expended and physical exhaustion

When we consider the first hypothesis, we think about what happens during a sexual encounter: heat, friction, rhythmic and repetitive movements, different body postures…

Well, the truth is that although the duration and intensity are variable, the average amount of calories consumed during sex is around 150, nothing that a good sandwich cannot solve.

Well, it seems that more than one of us has just spoiled the party, and it is that a heated and fiery sexual relationship is not going to be enough to lose those extra kilos and get in shape; however, we are in luck, because the love affair will not reduce our sports productivity at all. With proper recovery, you will be instantly ready to tackle your sporting challenges, suggests top sexologist in Delhi.

Hypothesis 2: hormonal function and testosterone release

This hypothesis suggests that the release of testosterone during sexual practice could decrease aggressiveness and alertness in the athlete, leading to a state of distension. However, the enlightening words of sex doctor in Delhi, referred to sex as a natural anabolic, which would not only guarantee its innocuousness for a good development of sports practice, but would also behave succulent benefits to it.

In view of the circumstances, it seems that sex will not be the culprit for poor athletic performance; Moreover, it can be said that sex is a source of well-being and a wonderful natural relaxant, which probably increases the motivation of the athlete in the face of their stressful challenges.

More appropriate exercises and sports to improve our sexual life

As we are sure that we have incited your desire to play sports with these many attractive advantages, sexologist in Delhi recommends any gentle and moderate exercise capable of getting in shape, but that does not leave you out of the fight … inquire about the many options and you will surely find your favorite.

Some suggestions might be running, cycling, swimming, or hiking. One of recommendations by sexologist in Delhi is to practice yoga. Apart from helping to reduce stress (you will gain confidence and greater ejaculatory control), it allows you to improve flexibility, so you can surely dare to make new movements. Another alternative is belly dance, which provides greater coordination to the pelvic area, and barre or ballet fit, which exercises both the core and the pelvic muscles.

On the other hand, for those of you who are more of a crush in the gym, working your abs, not only serves to look like a tablet, but also enhances your balance, avoids back pain and men will have a greater ability to push during penetration. The squats and lifts hip (make the bridge) are also useful for strengthening thighs, buttocks and lower back hip that favors pushing apart the contractions during orgasm to intensify, explains sexologist in Delhi.

And above all, remember, do not end up exhausted after a long gym session if you have a crazy night in bed planned!

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