Scar Removal Using Laser Technology

Scar Removal Using Laser Technology

Scar Removal Using Laser Technology

In the modern era, there is nothing a laser can’t fix, yes you heard it right! From scanning of barcodes to optical fibres and from disk drives to surgeries. It is the new cool in fixing things and is as easy as peeling a banana. These laser technologies are also being used in scar treatments on human skin. According to a survey, these treatments are very much safe now than they used to be.

Nowadays, laser treatments are more common and highly preferred. These treatments are safe, reliable, and save a lot of time for doctors that are conducting the treatment. Let’s say you got into an accident and an injury occurs due to impact. That injury may leave a scar that is very much visible to anyone, This is where Laser Technology comes in, what these lasers do is that they repair your skin tissues in such a way that the dead cells on your injury start to eradicate and a set of cells begin to come forward. These guaranteed results can be achieved by going through with the recommended number of treatments that the doctors have recommended.

The Precautions That Need to Be Taken:

  • Most doctors will advise you to quit smoking 2 weeks before the surgery.
  • After the procedure is complete, it is advised by many Doctors to protect your skin from the sun or else the ultraviolet rays can damage your scar more severely.
  • Avoiding cosmetics products that contain harmful chemicals that may harm your skin.
  • Refraining from medicines that increase the chances of bleeding, which includes aspirin and inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen.

How Much Can A Laser Surgery Cost?

If the scar treatment is only for cosmetic purposes, it will not be covered by insurance, however, if the scar is because of some sort of surgery the insurance company will cover some portion of the total amount.

According to a recent survey, the laser treatment costs can vary from doctor to doctor and also depend on the situation of the scar that needs to be treated. It is something worth a try if you’re getting a huge confidence boost by getting this done.

Preoperative Procedures

Before the treatment begins, the doctor examines the scar and marks the affected area with a pen so he knows where the surgery will take place to avoid any mistakes. Cleaning is done in the area and anaesthesia or a numbing agent is used in the area of treatment. If the procedure is being done on the face, then the doctor advises the patient to wear goggles to protect the eyes from the laser.

Continuing further, the doctor places a wet cloth around the area of the scar to avoid any laser marks and soak up the laser throbbing that could affect the healthy layers of akin. Going on, the doctor will put the laser on the mark and after it will apply a cooling cream to avoid any redness and itchiness.

Postoperative Procedures

After the procedure is complete, the physician will apply an ointment and cover the area. The skin will remain red for many hours, and the patient may feel slight stinging. After completion, the cosmetic surgeon will prescribe moisturizing creams that should be applied in the affected area.

Side Effects

Before these laser treatments take place, the doctors should advise the person of all the minor and major problems which this treatment can cause. Some of the risks that could take place are

  • Redness of the skin
  • Little or no bleeding
  • Discomfort on the skin
  • Swelling

Which Type of Scars Can Be Treated Best with Laser Technology?

Laser procedures are no doubt the best treatments these days, but due to certain limitation, the treatments can only be done on limited types of scars. Many doctor and dermatologists may recommend the treatment to be done only in the following cases:

  • Acne scars
  • Surgical scars
  • Burns on the skin
  • Minor injuries

Why Go for Laser Treatments?

It is the safest and the most cost-efficient treatment in the market today as skin treatments are usually long-lasting and may need repeated treatments in the future.

To conclude, people should have more awareness of these laser technologies as it could save a lot of time and money for the person undergoing surgery. In the future, who knows what inventions will be made in the fields of medicine, but, these present scar removal technologies give us an idea that many new things are yet to come. Which will make it easy for all skin types and possibly treat all types of scars. Finally, in the near future laser treatment could be the answer to all our skin problems.

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