Rhinoplasty – Beyond Aesthetic


Rhinoplasty in Delhi is among the TOP 3 of the most popular plastic surgeries for men and women. But, contrary to what many people think, this surgery goes beyond the aesthetic correction of the nose. There are several functional complaints, related to respiratory quality, which can be resolved by rhinoplasty.

Aesthetic indications

The main aesthetic indications treated in Rhinoplasty are:

  • The bones of the nose (treatment of bony hump);
  • Nasal back;
  • The nasal tip;
  • Bone nasal base;
  • The nasal wings.

Functional indications

It is possible to associate aesthetic rhinoplasty to the correction of problems such as:

  • Deviated septum;
  • Internal obstructions and asymmetries;
  • turbinate hypertrophy;
  • Among others.

But, After All, Will the New Nose Be Harmonious With The Rest Of The Face?

The main reason that prevents many people from having a rhinoplasty in Delhi is the fear of the new nose “not matching” with the rest of the face. In other words, the fear of artificiality and disharmony counts a lot when making the decision to do the plastic surgery in Delhi or not. In fact, there are cases out there of unsatisfactory results, in which the surgical procedure was probably not well planned and / or performed. But most of the time, if the surgery is performed correctly and by a specialized plastic surgeon in Delhi, the results are extremely happy and can greatly improve the quality of life for patients.

The Secrets of Naturalness

For the final appearance of the surgery to be as natural and beautiful as possible, it is essential to assess the characteristics of each patient’s face, taking into account their ethnicity, the balance between the chin, the eyes, the shape of the face and even, family characteristics. Only in this way it is possible to outline an individualized surgical plan and propose changes that fit well in the profile expected by the patient.

How is Rhinoplasty done?

The step by step of nose surgery in Delhi includes, after anesthesia, the detachment of the skin of the nose and its adjacent structures, treatment of the nasal dorsum, correction (when necessary) of internal and external nasal deviations, remodeling of the cartilage of the nose. nasal tip, the placement of cartilage grafts for support and projection of the tip of the nose and the process of dressing and suturing the skin. In selected cases, it may be necessary to perform bone narrowing and remodeling of the nose, in addition to removing excess cartilage. Generally, for the patient’s comfort during this surgery, general anesthesia is administered. However, only the plastic surgeon in Delhi can make the ideal choice of the anesthesia used, taking into account the patient’s expectations and the characteristics of the surgery.

The external dressing is made with the use of a special micropore and a moldable piece of acrylic, placed on the nasal dorsum at the end of the surgery. It is important to follow the medical recommendations regarding the dressing, which has the basic function of protecting the nose and keeping it aligned, avoiding unnecessary edema. Contrary to what was done in the past, today we do not use an internal tampon in the postoperative period, as it is uncomfortable and prevents breathing through the nose. At Tandon Clinic, cosmetic surgeon in Delhi uses a device similar to a funnel, which fulfills the same role of helping with healing by allowing normal respiratory flow.

Important information!

It is essential that, during the preoperative medical evaluation, all the physical and functional aspects mentioned above are considered and evaluated, so that the surgical planning is successful. In addition, it is important to note that, although many patients already come to the clinic with high expectations and comparative examples of other people’s noses, it is essential to take into account the individual nasal anatomy and facial characteristics in order to obtain harmonious and natural results. At Tandon Clinic we have a device capable of simulating the result of surgery.