Questions and Answers About Kegel Exercises

kegel exercise

Questions and Answers About Kegel Exercises

kegel exercise

Among the tools we have to improve sexual function in men and women we find the so-called Kegel exercises, which in fact have an important role in sex treatment in Delhi, India. So much so that pelvic floor physiotherapy plays an increasingly prominent role in sexological intervention.

Beyond being a relatively popular technique thanks to the internet, we must say that there is also quite a lack of knowledge regarding its characteristics, objectives, benefits, and implementation. So we decided to dedicate this post to the most frequent questions we receive in relation to Kegel exercises.

What are Kegel exercises?

First of all, we want to mention that his name is in memory of Dr. Arnold Kegel who developed this technique for his patients back in the 40s, indicating it as a method for the control of female urinary incontinence after childbirth.

The main purpose of the exercises is to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and improve the function of the urethral or rectal sphincter, although with time benefits were also found in the sexual function of men and women.

Its good result depends on the proper practice of the technique and a constant and disciplined training following the exercise program recommended by the sexologists in Delhi.

What is its application in Sexology?

They are useful exercises for the treatment of different sexual dysfunctions. In the case of men, they are part of the treatment programs for premature ejaculation and are also indicated in erectile dysfunction. With regard to women, they are recommended in orgasmic dysfunction, pain disorders, and vaginismus.

Their effect is sometimes functional, other times more psychological, but they are worth indicating for two reasons: they have no contraindications and require little time to practice.

What are the goals of Kegel exercises?

Their objectives depend on the dysfunction for which they are indicated.

In the treatment of premature ejaculation, they improve the genital sensations, and therefore their control. They help to differentiate between tension and relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles, something fundamental considering that the permanent contracture of that area – a typical symptom of sexual anxiety – promotes the lack of control of arousal. And also by having good management of that musculature, the man learns to graduate the tension and relaxation of the same at different moments of the excitatory process, learning to regulate it, says sexologist in Delhi, India.

In the treatment of erectile dysfunction, we have evidence that Kegel exercises improve the blood supply to the penis, and therefore it’s functioning.

How is the technique practiced?

The first step is to identify the muscles to work correctly. It is therefore recommended by sexologist doctor in Delhi, India that at least once the exercise is practiced when urinating, stopping the urine several times until the process is made conscious. Once this step has been taken, at any time and in a comfortable place -but no longer when urinating-, perform the exercise in a sitting position, with the trunk slightly bent forward, which allows concentrating the force closer to the genital area. The same muscles are contracted that allow you to stop the urine firmly, maintaining force for two seconds. Then they relax very slowly. The same thing is repeated, a total of twenty times. Then rest for a few minutes, and then perform a second series of twenty movements. Rest another period, and finish with another set of twenty, explains the best sexologist in Delhi, India.

Is it just practicing the exercise, or should we use the techniques in some way in sexual intercourse?

The most important thing is the awareness of muscle tension during sexual intercourse, which, as we said before, triggers the arousal process leading to rapid ejaculation, and in other cases blocks the blood filling mechanism of the corpora cavernosa of the penis and therefore hence the erection. Keeping the perineum area relaxed is key to good sexual performance, suggests sex specialist in Delhi, India.

In the case of premature ejaculation, in particular, many patients manage to lower their arousal level by contracting these muscles for about five to ten seconds.

Any recommendations, in particular, to carry them out? 

The main drawback of this training is the irregularity since it is quite frequent that we forget to do them. That is why top sexologist in Delhi, India advises to always perform them at the same time of day, or even place alarms on the cell phone. Kegel exercise apps for men and women were also developed that help not only remembers but also practice various exercise protocols.

Another important recommendation is to avoid contracting muscles that have nothing to do with the technique, such as the buttocks, abdomen, and legs. Training should focus on the pelvic floor muscles.

Finally, the technique can be used for the rest of life and have it as a routine since it is preventive of sexual dysfunctions and urinary incontinence.

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