Premature Ejaculation Treatment Options

When a man is sexually stimulated – directly or indirectly – he is usually given a stand. Further direct stimulation of the penis leads to ejaculation for a shorter or longer period. Some men get ejaculation very quickly which can cause problems in cohabitation.

Sexologist in Delhi defines premature ejaculation when the man gets ejaculation within one to two minutes after the commencement of intercourse and the problem should have lasted for at least six months.

Rapid ejaculation can cause problems in a couple if the partner needs more time to self-orgasm.

Many couples solve the problem for a time with:

1) A quick-release first then intercourse

2) Stimulates his partner to orgasm before intercourse

When the man’s ejaculation simultaneously causes the condition to disappear completely or partially, and the desire may likewise, problems can arise in the cohabitation of both parties. If the problem of premature ejaculation persists for a long time or may have always existed, and if it has a negative impact on sexual intercourse, you should try to do something about it with your partner.

You are wise to talk to a sexologist doctor in Delhi about the problem, because it is the problem of both, which must be solved together. It’s not something the man can do alone.

You who do not have a permanent partner or live yourself can also practice the stop-start technique, see below PHASE 1.

How to treat premature ejaculation?

The premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi and the training – usually consists of several different parts.

One idea might be to try to solve your problem of premature ejaculation with so-called stop-start technology.

How to use stop-start technology?

Phase 1: First, teach yourself to stop. You caress yourself and when you feel it is near ejaculation you stop and breathe. Wait for a while until the “wave” releases, then you stimulate yourself again until you come close then you stop and breathe. You do this 3 times and the fourth time you come. Remember that it is important that you do not strain and hold your breath.

Only when you master the technology and feel confident about yourself will you bring in your partner.

Important! As his partner, you have to tone down your sexuality and your need for satisfaction. You can do that and manage yourself with masturbation. You must not torment him by talking about how unsatisfied you are, suggests the best sexologist in Delhi.

Phase 2: You – the man – lie naked and relaxed on your back. Your partner sits or lies naked beside you or sits between your injured legs. You are passive and she is active.

She caresses you so you can stand. You concentrate solely on her caresses and stimuli as well as the emotions and sexual tension that these bring. When you notice that the sexual tension is increasing, and you think your ejaculation is approaching, you say stop and breathe. She will then stop caressing you, and the sexual tension will decrease. The condition may decrease, and then you know that you will not be triggered with the same.

Then she starts with the caresses again, until you say stop. This way you stop and start three times. The fourth time she should continue until you get ejaculation. This is what you call stop-start technology.

How often should one repeat the exercise?

The exercise is repeated as often as you have time and desire. But remember that you must always be the passive and she the active. It is not allowed to change or to continue caressing her, even if she and you would like it.

Important! If she needs to have an orgasm in this situation, she should do it herself, without your assistance or presence. For this training to work, you need to concentrate solely on your situation – without having to perform anything else in the sexual field, suggests top sexologist in Delhi.

When are you ready for intercourse?

Gradually you will learn to control your ejaculation better, so that it takes longer and longer before you say stop. Then, but only then, is the time to intensify the caresses. This can be done with the help of a lubricant or oil, such as intimate oil, which she lubricates on her hand before she caresses you. She can also use saliva or vaginal secretions, suggests sex specialist in Delhi.

Finally, you can do this too. Then maybe the time has come for you to try to make a real partnership. You are still lying on your back and she is slowly and carefully bounding you.

When you notice that you are once again controlling your desire for ejaculation, she gently moves up and down until you say stop and breathe. You start when you finish again and continue three times. Only the fourth time, as before, you continue until you get ejaculation.

If you agree with it and if your partner feels like it, it is a good idea if she is stimulated by you or by orgasm before or after the intercourse. However, during intercourse itself, it is still only your feelings and your ejaculation that it is about, highlights sexologist in Delhi.

It is also good to work out your pelvic floor muscles:

  • By squeezing and relaxing your pelvic muscles regularly you will also learn to control and strengthen your stance, ejaculation and orgasm experience.
  • An exercise might be that when you stand up and have the ability to put a towel over which you lift then drop down about 10 times.
  • When you have joint and penis in the vagina, tighten pelvic muscles and relax without making any other movements.
  • This stop-start technique should be considered as part of a course of treatment by a sexologist in Delhi.


SSRI (Serotonin reuptake inhibitor) drugs are used to treat this problem. The drug was intended as a remedy for depression, but was not effective enough, however, as a side effect, it turned out that men with premature ejaculation could last longer. The drug is prescribed by a sexologist in Delhi.

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