Premature Ejaculation – The Most Common Causes

Premature Ejaculation – The Most Common Causes

Premature Ejaculation – The Most Common Causes

Premature Ejaculation – The Most Common Causes

What is premature ejaculation?

Many men face sexual dysfunction. One of the most common is premature ejaculation, found in sexually active men, most often under the age of 40.

Premature ejaculation is defined by sexologist in Delhi as the occurrence of uncontrolled ejaculation either before or shortly after penetration, with minimal sexual satisfaction.

The time of onset of premature ejaculation is variable and there is no threshold value to be exceeded, it is more than the partners engaged in the intimate relationship, their expectations and personal experiences. Occasional occurrence of premature ejaculation should not cause concern, but if the problem persists in more than 50% of sexual relationships, the cause should be sought and properly treated, says the best sexologist in Delhi.


The causes of erectile dysfunction can be multiple, most often being the psychological factors, daily stress, fatigue. Premature ejaculation is not an organic disease, but may be a symptom of a chronic condition.

The premature ejaculation of the psychological cause is often encountered at the beginning of the sexual life, at the young people with complexes regarding the physical aspect, at those with a strict religious education when the feeling of guilt and shame appears, and for the adult man it can be the first sign of a depression or signs of a chronic condition. Excessive masturbation also leads to disruption of normal sexual functions, which can have the effect of premature ejaculation, explains sexologist doctor in Delhi.

The most common conditions that can lead to premature ejaculation are diabetes, hormone dysfunction with low levels of testosterone, thyroid disorders, inflammation or infections of the prostate, disorders of the urethra.

Some cardiac treatments, such as beta-blockers, hypocholesterolemic treatments: statins, fibrates, some antidepressant and anticonvulsant drugs, relievers cause various sexual disorders manifested differently from one man to another.

The lifestyle greatly influences the body’s functions, thus, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, sedentary lifestyle and obesity lead to decreased sexual capacity and may cause premature ejaculation. Exposure of the testicle to heat for a long time is a risk factor for infertility and testicular cancer. Holding the laptop on the abdomen, which is not usually known to most men, can have adverse effects on the body and trigger complex pathologies, warns top sexologist in Delhi.

Premature Ejaculation – The Most Common Causes


Most often premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi, the simple discussion with the sexual partner can solve the problem, if it is of a psychological nature. You can also call for specialized help from a sex specialist in Delhi, at couple therapy hours or at yoga and fitness sessions to get rid of the negative energies and stress accumulated during the day.

Because the daily life does not allow us a proper nutrition the body often suffers from vitamins and minerals. Zinc dietary supplements promote normal sexual function by increasing the serum testosterone level and most often bring benefits in the premature ejaculation problem.

Magnesium, a mineral indispensable to the body, participates in hundreds of biochemical reactions and ion exchanges in cells, its deficiency is expressed as a first sign through fatigue, muscle cramps, nervousness.

Deficiency causes premature ejaculation through the impossibility of maintaining an optimal ion exchange at the cellular level, through neurological manifestations: anxiety , depression, irritability and general manifestations: nausea, headache, muscle pain. Other minerals that help treat premature ejaculation are: calcium, participates in ion exchange in the cell, is indispensable for muscle contraction and selenium, contributes to the proper functioning of the thyroid gland.

If you are young, you have a healthy diet, a free discussion with your partner and the only problem is that you are at the beginning of the journey, you do not have to worry! Premature ejaculation occurs very frequently in inexperienced men. There is no need for treatment and the problem disappears after a variable period of time. However, if the situation creates discomfort, one of the solutions would be condoms, suggests sexologist in East Delhi.

Condoms decrease the sensitivity of the penis and lead to delayed ejaculation . There is a wide range on the market, the thicker ones are recommended by sexologist in South Delhi, but their effect varies from person to person.

Pelvic exercises have high efficacy in increasing control and delaying ejaculation. Masturbation also helps young people to experience the sensations of sexual stimulation and to anticipate ejaculation. For cultural or religious reasons, young people avoid the practices of self-knowledge, confronting it.

When it comes to diabetes, sexual dysfunction is difficult to treat. It is recommended by sexologist in Delhi to prevent hyperglycemia attacks, compliance with the regimen and medication. Optimal treatment can be prescribed by a sexologist in Delhi after specialized analysis and consultation.

If premature ejaculation occurs after the administration of the specialized treatment, this should be reported to the sexologist in Delhi and a suitable solution found: changing the drug, lowering the dose; the treatment should not be stopped without the doctor’s announcement, especially antidepressant or cardiac treatment, stopping it may endanger the man’s life.

Thyroid and prostate disorders should always be carefully investigated, as they can hide a far more serious problem than symptomatology. The thyroid nodule is searched and endocrine treatment is given, and the prostate is searched for the cause of inflammation, combating with drug treatment, if we are experiencing an infection and ultrasound examination to evaluate the size and consistency.


Premature ejaculation is not an organic disease, it is a common situation in men without experience and disappears most with experience. If it does not disappear immediately, the most optimal solutions are using the right condoms, pelvic floor exercises and self-knowledge through masturbation.

If ejaculation occurs in an experienced man, a sudden change in sexual dynamics is indicated, correction of lifestyle, nutrition and mineral supplements.

Whenever the dysfunction becomes troublesome or a more serious problem is suspected, a sex doctor in Delhi should be consulted.

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