Premature Ejaculation: Know The Types And Causes

premature ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation: Know The Types And Causes


Premature ejaculation is a disorder that affects one in three men in India. This is the situation in which the individual has an orgasm earlier than expected during sex. In general, it is considered early, as it occurs right after penetration or even before, without the person being able to control it, explains sexologist in Delhi.

In most cases, the cause is emotional and is related to anxiety. It is also worth remembering that, in order to be characterized as a disease, it is necessary that episodes occur in most relationships, harming the patient’s well-being and preventing him from prolonging the sexual act, says the best sexologist in Delhi.

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Types of premature ejaculation

For classification purposes and in order to guide premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi, it is common to divide erectile dysfunction into some types:

  • primary: when the man lives with the issue since the beginning of his sexual life;
  • secondary: when it appears in the life of the individual who, until then, managed to control the moment of orgasm for longer. The change in frequency must occur in more than half of the relationships to indicate the disorder;
  • situational: when it occurs only in a certain situation, for example, with a specific partner;
  • variable: it is not a problem, but an oscillation of the man’s ejaculation time, that is, when he occasionally has a faster orgasm;
  • subjective: in this case, the patient can maintain the erection for a longer time without reaching orgasm. However, he feels dissatisfied during sex.

Causes for the condition

There is no conclusive research on organic causes, and, as stated earlier, the main one is anxiety. It becomes a vicious circle in which, when trying to prevent it from happening, the individual becomes even more anxious and quicker to ejaculate, warns sexologist doctor in Delhi.

Some biological issues, however, can be harmful in this regard, such as higher than normal hormone levels, thyroid disorders, inflammation or infections in the prostate and urethra, in addition to the level of neurotransmitters, for example, above normal adrenaline in the body.

Treatment option

Because it is a primarily emotional disorder, premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi will depend on detecting the type and factors that cause the individual to ejaculate quickly.

Therefore, therapy is the main ally for men to be able to restore a satisfactory sexual life. In addition, the use of antidepressants is indicated. The drugs aim to raise the level of some substances in the brain that help control anxiety.

It is essential that the patient is open and receptive to what is proposed by the specialist. Many men are embarrassed to talk about the problem and are slow to seek medical help from sex specialist in Delhi. In addition to reporting what happened, it is important to have a frank dialogue with the partner on the issue.

The couple can, for example, follow some homemade guidelines that usually help in the process. Together, they can achieve better results to overcome premature ejaculation and live pleasurable moments for both of them.

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