early or premature ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation – 30% of men?

early or premature ejaculation


Akshay, divorced 2 years ago, has been in a new relationship for a few months. The new couple already has enough intimacy. Meera looks like she wants to take the relationship a step further. After all she likes Akshay. She finds it interesting, beautiful and, like many women, sees sex in different ways: it amuses, relaxes and, why not, deepens the bonds of the couple. However, Akshay avoids situations where sex could happen.


Rohit, an attractive young man of 19, has everything to enjoy what life has to offer him: sports, a busy nightlife, travel, a good education at the university, friends, and of course, relating to other people, from any way you see fit. But it also has a barrier.


Sama has been married for 4 years to Aftab, but she never felt sexually fulfilled in the marriage. You don’t feel comfortable talking about it to anyone: family, friends or your own husband.

Premature Ejaculation

What is common in these situations can occur with up to 30% of men. That is, close to 1 in 3! I talk about quick ejaculation. According to the best sexologist in Delhi, premature ejaculation is male sexual dysfunction characterized by ejaculation that occurs always, or almost always, when the time from vaginal penetration to ejaculation becomes unsatisfactory for the man or the couple.

Women, like Sama, therefore, may not have a sex life as they would like. Therefore, the couple must think and make a decision about seeking a sexologist in Delhi for treatment.

As a consequence of rapid ejaculation, there may be a desire to avoid sexual intimacy and relationship problems.

How to treat premature ejaculation?

The premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi consists of behavioral measures, aided by sexual therapy and medications. Often the patient with rapid ejaculation has a psychological profile of anxiety. In this sense, practicing activities that relieve stress and talking to your partner about the problem help. Concomitantly, it is advisable to have sex therapy with a sex specialist in Delhi. Medications are also used most of the time.

It sounds simple, doesn’t it? But perhaps beating yourself or yourself and looking for a sexologist doctor in Delhi for you or your partner, can be the most difficult step. Thinking that you might arrive at a clinic and talk to someone you are not close to may not be encouraging. If he simply passes you a medicine it can be discouraging. So at Dr. P K Gupta’s sexologist clinic in Delhi, we think we need to have a frank conversation and understand what are the causes that can lead to this sexual problem. A good sex doctor in Delhi, with the help of experienced psychologists, forms a team that can really change this scenario.

In summary, we hope that Akshay, Meera, Rohit and Sama can enjoy a better quality of life, can have real relationships, or simply, have fun with one less concern. Top sexologist in Delhi expects more people to overcome the barriers that prevent them from having a full sex life. We are here to help.

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