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Postpartum Shape Correction

shape correction

The Real Determination – What You Need to Know About Postpartum Shape Correction? What happens at the first consultation?

Pregnancy leaves different marks on the female body, so the correction needed after pregnancy varies from individual to individual. As a result of breastfeeding, the glands in the breast often shrink and the skin here sags. During pregnancy, the growing uterus and internal pressure weaken the abdominal muscles, the skin of the abdomen protrudes, and stretch marks appear on it. The prenatal condition of the breast and abdomen can be easily restored by shape-correction plastic surgery. The shape correction cosmetic surgeries can be very diverse. During the first consultation, our plastic surgeon in Panipat will examine you and then give you a personalized expert opinion about the surgery, the correction of the areas that can be performed together.

Waiting days – Preparing for postpartum shape correction

You must undergo a full examination before each plastic surgery. The reason for this is to find out if you have a health problem that may be a factor influencing your shape correction. In some cases, we advise lifestyle changes in the days before plastic surgery. To promote proper healing, it is important that you do not smoke because nicotine slows down regeneration processes and adversely affects wound healing. The shape correction in the days before, eat light meals, drink plenty of fluids and take vitamins (vitamin c, selenium, zinc). Avoid the use of aspirin and other natural remedies for two weeks prior to plastic surgery.

The big moment – Postpartum shape correction

The postpartum adjustment. It consists of several steps. Restoration of the condition of the breasts depends on the size of the breast gland and the tone of the skin here. In case of sufficient glandular stock, the best plastic surgeon in Karnal creates the ideal breast shape with breast augmentation, in case of small glandular stock with breast augmentation and silicone implant implantation. Large, fatty glands remaining after breastfeeding can be corrected by breast reduction. In many cases, postpartum correction of the abdominal area is also required. Removal of sagging, stretch marks is possible with tummy tuck, which is often supplemented with liposuction due to contouring. Breast augmentation, tummy tuck and liposuction can be combined, so it is possible to perform several surgeries at the same time. It is true for all combined plastic interventions,

Backstage of the operating room – Surgical techniques of postpartum shape correction

By surgical technique is meant the selection and location of the required incisions. Breasts are corrected by breast suturing. The best plastic surgeon in Panipat removes excess skin and fixes the nipples in an anatomical position. If the glandular volume is sufficient, breast correction is performed without implant placement. However, in 80% of cases, breast augmentation should be supplemented with implant placement.

The surgical techniques required for breast reduction vary depending on individual abilities. For minor breast corrections, the best plastic surgeon in Delhi uses a vertical, or short, incision, making a circular and a short vertical incision. In the case of a larger degree of correction, the former incision is also supplemented with a transverse direction in the fold below the breast, this is called the inverse T technique. The most appropriate type of surgical correction will be selected for you by your plastic surgeon in Delhi, taking into account your individual abilities.

During tummy tuck, the incisions are made between the two hips in the bikini line, so they remain hidden later. This technique only allows for complete correction of the shape of the abdomen and strengthening of the abdominal muscles, and also ensures that the resulting scar is not widened, chunky.

In the majority of abdominal surgeries, the navel is relocated. To achieve proper contouring, the best plastic surgeon in Delhi also performs lumbar liposuction as part of the abdominal surgery. This technique only allows for complete correction of the shape of the abdomen and strengthening of the abdominal muscles, and also ensures that the resulting scar is not widened, chunky. The postpartum shape correction time is 3-6 hours depending on the surgeries performed.

Satisfaction – The result of postpartum shape correction

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful times of your life for most women. Bringing a child into the world is a real miracle. However, pregnancy also involves a complete transformation of the female body, body proportions change, the previous contours disappear, which often leads to loss of self-confidence and mental problems. With the help of postpartum shape correction, you can be old yourself again. You don’t have to give up your femininity as a mother, your figure will be tight and slim again.

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