Physiotherapy, The Best Solution For Muscle Injuries

Physiotherapy, The Best Solution For Muscle Injuries


The hard daily work, household chores, poor postural hygiene, sedentary life, injuries or fractures, or illnesses, gradually strain our back, to the point of leaving us totally useless, and totally sore, and if not treated in time, these injuries may become chronic. From that moment on, it is practically irreversible.

Physiotherapy in Dwarka is presented as well as the best solution to soothe pain, control the injury and prevent its development. In a second moment, it will attend to the recovery of the movement and natural strength of the muscles and finally, the total recovery of the patient is achieved. Physiotherapy in Janakpuri is the most effective technique to respond to problems arising from an injury or some type of dysfunction, which also makes the patient involved, in order to increase its effectiveness.

Physical therapy not only manages to eliminate pain, but also identify the damage, correct it and prevent it. And that’s what they do at physiotherapy clinic in Dwarka. Among the diagnostic tests used by the physiotherapist in Dwarka is manual muscle, electrical, perceptual and sensory, and the measurement of the mobility arc of the joints. Functional activity tests are important for determining patients’ ability to perform self-care activities.

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In the treatment of a patient, the physiotherapist in Janakpuri should use one or more of the following procedures: E.P.I (intratissue percutaneous electrostimulation ), Ultrasounds, Electrotherapy, Electroacupuncture, Masotherapy, Mobilizations, Magnetotherapy, Ultrasound. But also, at physiotherapy centre in Dwarka they have Electrolysis, a treatment that is specifically applied at the site of the injury. Effectiveness is high compared to conventional physiotherapy treatments (ultrasound, laser, Cyriax technique, diacutaneous fibrolysis, shock waves, etc.) or medical (drugs, infiltrations or surgery). The relapse rate is low.

The benefits of physical therapy

  • Soothe the pain.
  • Increases muscle strength and mobility.
  • Improves flexibility.
  • Prevents and controls physical deterioration.
  • Improves the basic functions of the organism.
  • It offers a pleasant feeling of well-being.
  • Contributes to the proper functioning of the joints.
  • Prevents injuries from regular sports practice
  • Helps in recovery after an accident, trauma or major surgery.
  • Improves problems related to bones, joints or soft tissues.
  • Improves neural activity
  • Protects the heart and respiratory conditions
  • Promotes blood circulation

The most commonly used techniques by physiotherapist in Delhi

  • Manual therapy: massage techniques help relieve muscle stiffness and pain, while stimulating blood flow in the area to be treated
  • Aquatic therapy: the use of hydrotherapy is very effective in solving certain types of injuries.
  • Taping, bandages and splints.
  • Exercise prescription: stretching, strengthening, balance.
  • Respiratory techniques.
  • Postural re-education.