My morning stretch-strength bed routine!

My morning stretch-strength bed routine!

My morning stretch-strength bed routine!

I have done most of these stretches and strength drills in my previous videos, the cards are all linked in the video. (Mostly)This is just a flow of the culmination of everything.

This is my lazy morning bed stretch-strength ROUTINE in any hotel because let’s be real my bed is not this big at all. SO I MAKE THE BEST OUT OF WHATEVER IS AROUND ME! I start of being gentle with my body and opening up gradually and i personally love the back opening on the bed because my body opens up organically.

Thank you @JwMussoorie for hosting my stay! Clearly I enjoyed jumping on my bed more than anything and the bathtub. SUSHHH, Don’t tell my amma! (:

ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE DOING ANY EXERCISE! DON’T JUST BLINDLY FOLLOW, BE very mindful of your body and if you get tired, allow yourself to pause and start again.
Yoga is a journey. You can make yourself stronger by giving your self the time and patience.

Just be careful, honor your body by going to the level you’re comfortable while not being lazy!
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Practice Daily. Stay safe. Stay Humble.
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