male dysfunction

Male Dysfunctions And Fear

male dysfunction

Male dysfunctions and fear, virility, machismo, social changes in women and men.

For some time now, in consultation Dr P K Gupta, sexologist in Delhi, has observed the changes that society is undergoing with almost no power (or wanting to) do anything to remedy it.

Our society is getting rid of centuries of macho dictatorships and this is having consequences for genders and orientations, I want to imagine that in a future time all this will find its comfort zone and we can live without so much alteration or dysfunctions our lives and our sexuality.

All religions have generated an abysmal difference between men and women, they have relegated the different orientations to obscurity.

At some point in history, the man decided to make women invisible, reduce her to an inferior being and thus for centuries he believed he was doing things well because everything he did was supported by the prevailing ideologies (directed 100% by men too) . I will never understand what caused this process but of course something had to do with the man’s fear of the woman, his condition of being a reproductive relegated him to a working bee.

In the current process of social change, women and men are freeing themselves, slowly and with pain, but the path to freedom is true that it does not hurt even if you lose everything in it.

However, in consultation at sexologist clinic in Delhi if part of that pain that I comment appears, current men, the younger and not so young generations, because from those separated at forty-something down, everyone is finding that the supposed freedom that should be for to arrive is still far from appearing and has been chained to fear.

Fear because among other things men do not talk about our problems and our doubts, “it is not going to be that the other knows that I am inferior to him”, it is not going to be that the other thinks that I am a softie, that I have feelings and especially that I feel like I don’t know.

Fear of this curse of being forced to be virile, especially when being virile is defined in quantifiable terms (two balls, 20 cm, 3 without removing it, it does not take a slap, etc …). To be virile, social tactics have been imposed on men since time immemorial, courage is one of them, having it means being a true man, as if women when they do everything that being a woman has meant until now did not require high doses of value.

Thus, almost childish themes have been designed to play with courage: confrontations with the other, for whatever reason, today the absolute idiocy of sticking with the opposing team until killing, killing or dying by the horns of an animal wild, playing with AIDS in brothels or on the street without using a condom, because that is how I show that I am a tough guy. In fact, we observe how parties appear that only defend these acts and become enemies of the advance towards freedom of women and men tired of so much useless and completely uncertain demo.

Fear of not being as “man” as the porn actor on duty, porn attempts to adapt to its new status as an educator of an educated society through a globalized screen, many young people today know more about BDSM than how their parents They have made them.

All this chaos, which I hope does not become as eternal as machismo (30 centuries) is leading to the subject that I work on many very different dysfunctions: sexual phobias, aversions, erectile dysfunction, lack of desire, dissatisfaction, premature ejaculation, hundreds of separations without much justification, unwanted loneliness, depressions, anxieties and a long etcetera.

It goes without saying that women are also contributing and suffering to this chaos because to be one you have to worry about reading many new theories and proposals that if you do not know them only make you the victim of change. The man in his flight backwards increases his violence against them and this is unfortunately very evident.

A Happy end: well-directed information solves all this, in some cases short but essential sex treatment in Delhi will be required. Unfortunately sex education becomes difficult without political involvement and we already know what matters to them, for the moment they stop suffering and go to the best sexologist in Delhi who work with it.

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