Laser Hair Removal: The Advantages, How Hair Removal Is Made And The Best Time To Do

Laser Hair Removal: The Advantages, How Hair Removal Is Made And The Best Time To Do

With the promise of permanent hair removal, laser hair removal in Rajouri Garden is winning over women and men. But does the technique live up to its promise? Can any skin type do the procedure? Is there any risk? What should care to be like before and after sessions? To answer these and other questions, Dr. Girish Sawhney, Dermatologist in Rajouri Garden gives the details in this article.

Dermatologist Explains What Is The Great Differential Of Laser Hair Removal

According to the best dermatologist in Rajouri Garden, the laser target is the hair follicle melanin, which, when hit, weakens and is destroyed by heat. “There are several types that can be used for hair removal and all give effective and lasting results. Diode laser, alexandrite, and intense pulsed light are good examples within this wide range, ”said the skin specialist in Rajouri Garden, stating that, in general, 80% of the hair is eliminated, but the number of sessions varies according to the area to be treated, the thickness and color of the wire.

Find out which skin types are best suited for laser hair removal

According to the best skin specialist in Rajouri Garden, since the laser target is melanin, the procedure is not indicated for patients who are tanned. ” People with dark or black skin should do this type of hair removal with different parameters to avoid injuries such as burns and stains, which can be difficult to treat, ” he explained.

Know what skincare to take before and after the procedure

The best dermatologist in Tagore Garden explained that the region that will undergo the procedure may not have had wax or tweezers in less than a month. Therefore, hair removal should be performed with a blade a few days before. “In the post-technical period, avoid sun exposure and use filters with SPF of 30 or higher. In addition, thermal water is a good option to soothe and moisturize the skin,” dermatologist in Delhi said. When the body has irritations, it is sometimes necessary to use corticosteroid creams.

Understand the advantages of performing the procedure during winter

Due to the need to avoid sun exposure in areas that have been or will be shaved by lasers, a good choice is to perform the procedure during winter. With low temperatures, people tend to cover the body more, and making the treatment in the colder season success for the summer is guaranteed. “Since the procedure presents risks, it is important to consult with your dermatologist in Shastri Nagar to identify the best technique for each case.”

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