Know What To Do When Sexual Desire Goes Away

sexologist in pitampura

Know What To Do When Sexual Desire Goes Away

sexologist in pitampura

Every great discovery, be it a successful relationship or a solution to an everyday problem, everything is born out of desire. Feeling desire is intrinsic to the condition of being alive. But, if the desire is always there, why after a while do we find it difficult to find it and use it to achieve our sexual fulfilment? “The desire goes away when we are weak, sad, tired, sick or hurt. When we no longer like the loved one, when we are in mourning, anguished or bored”, says the best sexologist in Delhi Dr. P K Gupta.

According to the sex specialist in Delhi, desire always accompanies people, whether men or women. Therefore, if he is no longer there, it is because something happened and recovering him becomes a mutual exercise of discovery, of himself and his partner.

After the first years of a relationship, when the novelty becomes routine, it is normal for sexual desire to be restricted to predefined moments. According to sexologist in Delhi, this is a danger: “Sex is life and living is being creative! You must try to vary, avoiding methodical sex, always done at the same time, in the same way, and the same place”, suggests.

The sexologist doctor in Delhi is against using drugs to force a situation. “There is no medicine to increase desire”. The top sexologist in Delhi adds that in recent years the search for a climax continues to be the main reason why women and couples go to sexologist clinic in Delhi. This complaint is followed very closely by another, which is the lack of inhibition of sexual desire. “A survey by ProSex (USP’s Sexuality Project) showed that 10% of women have inhibited sexual desire, or, in other words, have no desire to have sex “, points out the sex doctor in Delhi.

Society, in general, tends to emphasize desire in youth as if as one grows older it ends up or does not renew itself. “We are sexual beings. Our sexuality begins when we are born and accompanies us until the time of our death,” says the sexologist in South Delhi. With this, he emphasizes the importance of looking for a sexologist in Delhi to find out what your desire was hidden under.

Eventually, the desire may have left the scene due to a problem. As, for example, hormonal imbalances can inhibit libido or “mental maladjustments” that end up blocking the natural manifestation of lust in a relationship. Feelings like guilt, fear and anxiety are natural enemies of sexual intercourse. They act in a very subtle way, but their consequences are practical. No climate can resist the burden of conscience or the anxiety of having to live up to a certain expectation, says sexologist in Delhi.

Apart from hormonal, psychological and emotional problems that require professional monitoring to be resolved and get out of the way of your libido, it is always good to remember that desire is an ever-present flame in you. That is why the sexologist in East Delhi emphasizes the importance of taking care of your personal routine, your physical and emotional health, and keeping your sensual side alive. Know ten tips suggested by sexologist in Delhi to rekindle the desire:

1 – Find time: If you are not having time for yourself, choose what to lose in order to win what really matters;

2 – Organize your day: Disorganization is the enemy of time;

3 – Healthy body: Always choose for your quality of life, maintaining a healthy diet and regular physical activity, this is closely linked to the quality of your sexuality and self-esteem;

4 – Work your mind: Think about sex as much as you can, or, think about sex as much as you think about children, supermarket, bakery, clothes, hygiene, etc;

5 – Unleash your fantasies: Allow yourself and invest in the sensual woman that exists within you, fantasize and let your imagination run wild. Be permissive with your fantasies and live them without guilt, they are just fantasies, so take the opportunity to transgress.

6 – Allow yourself to ask for help: You will not stop being a good mother just because you left your children with your grandmother to be able to have a night of pleasure;

7 – Talk to your partner: Take the opportunity to ask for help with household chores. It becomes easier if the responsibilities of the home and children are divided;

8 – Invest at your leisure: Stroll, go out, dance, sing and let go. Allow yourself to be away from your cell phone or computer for a few hours;

9 – Day off: Take at least one day in the month just for you, to do everything you want, even if it is sleeping peacefully, reading a book, or simply having time to watch the sunset;

10 – Think like men: associate sex with pleasure and let yourself be carried away by this fantastic moment! And remember a calm mind and a vigorous bodywork like true aphrodisiacs.

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