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Know The Habits That Hinder Male Sex Life


Did you know that your habits can directly influence your sexual health? Men with unhealthy lifestyles tend to be more likely to develop sexual problems like erectile dysfunction, for example.

Many of the habits that men have may seem harmful, but over time they affect their quality of life. So for you to prevent problems with your sexual health, Dr. P K Gupta, best sexologist in Delhi, explains what are the main habits you should avoid.

1: Smoking

Men who have a smoking habit increase the risk of developing a range of diseases – such as cardiovascular, respiratory and sexual problems.

That’s because smoking injures nerves and blood vessels, which narrows arteries – which can compromise the blood flow to the penis. As a consequence, there are difficulties in having an erection.

Sex specialist in Delhi, Dr P K Gupta warns that the man who smokes may still have impaired penile sensitivity, in addition to taking more time to get aroused.

2: Poor nutrition

Men who tend to eat poorly, with an excessive intake of sugars and fats (present in fried foods, soft drinks and desserts) end up having a slower digestion. When this meal is eaten before sexual intercourse, it can hinder a man’s performance.

More in the long run, this type of food clogs the arteries, which impairs blood flow and increases the individual’s willingness to develop other diseases, in addition to sexual problems, warns sexologist in Delhi.

3: Men who do not practice physical activity

Much more than a beautiful body, being healthy makes all the difference. When the man does not care about this issue and stops exercising, he increases the risks of having a low sexual performance.

With a sedentary lifestyle, there are more chances of increasing cholesterol and glycemia, which favors heart disease and metabolism – this compromises blood vessels, which affect erection and lubrication, says sexologist doctor in Delhi.

4: Overuse of medicines

Men who need medication, even those who do not cause side effects in the short term, can influence male sexual health.

Men who undergo treatments for depression, hormonal problems, diabetes or hypertension may have some interference in the erection process, reduced sexual desire, among other problems.

Sexual problem has treatment

Men with difficulty with erection or with premature ejaculation should seek a sex specialist doctor in Delhi to receive appropriate treatment. However, if you have these habits that we list in this article, try to avoid them and have a healthy life. Thus, you prevent problems, ensuring more quality of life and well-being.

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Sexual problems directly affect a man’s self-esteem, influencing all aspects of life. So, do not delay and seek help to have a better sexual performance. Schedule a time and count on the expertise of top sexologist in Delhi!