Know About Premature Ejaculation Treatment

Know About Premature Ejaculation Treatment

Of the men who decide to put themselves in the hands of a specialist, patients without a stable partner are able to improve more than men with a stable partner. Do women with resignation live this process?

Of 73% of patients who had improvement or were cured, 18% had a partner, while 82% had no partner.

Premature ejaculation is the second most common male sexual dysfunction, after erection problems. One in three men suffers from some degree of premature ejaculation throughout their life and, however, only 25% of men who suffer from it go to a sexologist in Delhi, even when this is the only way to treat this dysfunction.

Contrary to popular belief, 90% of sexual dysfunctions have a biological origin, not a psychological one. But sexual dysfunctions can be solved with the appropriate treatment, prescribed by doctors specialized in the subject. There are simple, affordable and painless treatments, which are very effective for learning to control ejaculation and thus improve sexual relations.

And, the sexologists in Delhi warn, sexual dysfunctions do not heal on their own, or with “miracle” products from the Internet or from the telethon. On the contrary, if not treated properly, the psychological consequences of these disorders worsen over time. They generate frustration, anxiety, rejection of sex and problems with the couple. They can even lead to depression or suicide, recent studies warn.

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Dr. P K Gupta, a sexologist doctor in Delhi dedicated to the treatment of male sexual dysfunctions, has conducted a study about patients suffering from premature ejaculation and their treatment. The study involved patients from the clinic who suffered the so-called premature ejaculation; 60% had a stable partner and 77% were over 30 years old. According to the study’s conclusions, 73% of patients noticed improvement or were cured.

From the study It also shows a fact that attracts attention, such as that patients without a partner are more likely to improve and that there is a cause-effect relationship between age and the number of minutes that ejaculation is delayed; being of ten minutes in 48% of the men of more than 30 years and 64% in those of less than 30 years.

Of 73% of patients who had improvement or were cured, 18% had a partner, while 82% had no partner. “These data reveal that men with partners tend to worry less than men without partners in improving their performance and the duration and quality of their sexual relations,” explains the best sexologist in Delhi. “The tranquility of having a partner, makes improving their performance, although important for them, it is not so much as for those men who do not have a stable partner.”

Together with the drug, some exercises alone and in pairs are combined to help correct this dysfunction. The exercises are very simple techniques that help you learn to know your body better. Medications are drugs prescribed by the sex doctor in Delhi, which help control excitement levels and prevent uncontrolled ejaculation.

“ Today, men still have a hard time recognizing the extent of their problem and do not go to the specialist until enough time passes. It is important to ask for advice since, the earlier the problem is treated, the faster and with better results the recovery will be. ”Explains top sexologist in Delhi.