Knee Arthroscopy For Better Mobility of Your Knee

Knee Arthroscopy For Better Mobility of Your Knee

Knee Arthroscopy For Better Mobility of Your Knee


Arthroscopy in Delhi is a surgical intervention allowing the exploration of the joint using a tube a few millimeters in diameter, introduced into the knee through several tiny holes (2 to 4) (about 1 cm). This tube, fitted with optics coupled to a miniaturized video camera, is connected to a color television screen on which the main elements of the knee will be viewed:

  • the cartilages of the femur, tibia and patella
  • the cruciate ligaments (anterior and posterior),
  • menisci (internal and external),
  • synovial membranes


  • to specify the possible causes of a knee dysfunction: pain, blockage, swelling, instability, in addition to the clinical and radiological examination, then guiding at best the choice of the subsequent treatment which will be proposed.
  • to perform a certain number of surgical procedures using fine instruments, “without opening the knee” under the control of the television screen.


  • meniscal lesion removal
  • ligament plasty (cruciate ligament operations)
  • regularization of cartilage when it is irregular or worn,
  • removal of free bone or cartilage fragments in the joint,
  • synovial biopsy
  • release of adhesions,
  • fold section (plica)


Arthroscopy in West Delhi is performed in the operating room, under anesthesia. The terms of this will be decided between you and the anesthesiologist. You will be admitted to the hospital the same morning; you must bring the x-rays as well as the biological examinations in your possession and report the usual treatments in progress.

On the day of the arthroscopic surgery in Delhi you must be on an empty stomach and respect the  instructions of orthopaedic surgeon in Delhi.

As soon as you get back to your room, you can start to gently mobilize your knee, walking being allowed with the help of the nurse or physiotherapist a few hours later.

The exit from the hospital will generally be rapid. During this, you will be given:

  • a first consultation appointment,
  • a rehabilitation order intended to improve functional recovery,
  • a work stoppage suited to the nature of your knee injuries and the type of professional activity you exercise.

During the first week, you will be advised:

  • not to bend the knee more than 90 °,
  • to walk or climb the stairs moderately,
  • avoid prolonged immobile standing, – apply an ice pack (4 times – 10 minutes a day),
  • to contract the extended quadriceps leg muscle many times,
  • not to resume sport before medical authorization

Arthroscopy is a surgical procedure.

If the hazards inherent in this technique are rare, do not hesitate to report any local incident to orthopaedic in Delhi that would worry you: persistent fever, increasing pain, hematoma or significant swelling of the knee (moderate, painless swelling is however usual with possible sensation of ” splashing “due to temporary persistence of fluid in the knee).