Jupiter Now Has 92 Moons With A New Discovery!

Jupiter Now Has 92 Moons With A New Discovery!

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Astronomers have discovered 12 new moons around Jupiter, bringing that planet’s total count to 92 moons. The most significant number of natural satellites of any planet in our solar system.
How were these moons discovered, and by what names will they be known?
Let’s find out! ”
It is incredible that we are discovering satellites on this gas giant 400 years after Galileo first observed Jupiter’s four largest moons.
But the reality is that Jupiter is a planet that has always surprised astronomers with the enormous variety of objects orbiting around it, artificial satellites larger than planets (Ganymede), thousands of asteroids that share its orbit (Trojan asteroids), and a ring of asteroids that it is not possible to see with telescopes.
Being such a massive body, it is expected that we discover new bodies orbiting around it
from time to time.
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00:00 Intro
1:10 The discovery
2:39 Why until now?
4:18 Retrograde satellites
9:38 How will they be baptized?

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