Is my penis small? … How big is a “normal” penis?

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Is my penis small? … How big is a “normal” penis?


Penis size is always one of the biggest doubts that arise in adolescence and comparisons at this stage are very common among boys. Many men consider their penises to be small to satisfy the people they have sex with, others consider the large penis a sign of masculinity and virility. These unfounded beliefs generate unnecessary insecurities and dissatisfaction.

But what is the normal penis size?

According to sexologist in Delhi, normal size means a penis that is 10 to 17 cm in erection, and that less than 3% of the male population is out of the average, more or less.

A very common cause of concern about “small penis” occurs in obese young people, a condition in which local fat hides the penis and makes it appear smaller than it really is. It is also called the built-in penis. When losing weight, the penis “returns” to its normal size. It is also important to note that the size of the penis has no relation to the size of other organs or other parts of our body, such as the nose, hand, legs or ears, explains sexologist doctor in Delhi.

The important thing is not the size of the wand, but the magic it does!

It is known that penile size is not essential for female orgasm, since the average size of the excited vagina is 10 cm to 14 cm.

The idea that a deeper vaginal penetration could provide greater pleasures has been demystified in several studies. The proximal portion of the vagina is considered the most sensitive. The regions of the clitoris and the so-called “G Spot” (Grafenberg Point) stand out, a place that would be the erogenous area of ​​the vagina. However, the latter concept is contested by many authors.

A survey conducted in the USA showed that 93% of women were very satisfied with their partners’ penis size. Large penises can also compress the cervix and cause discomfort in women, according to another study. In addition, sex specialist in Delhi emphasizes that the penile circumference seems to be a greater factor of sexual stimulation than the length.

What is the Micropenis?

The micropenis affects approximately 1 in every 200 boys. In this situation, the penis has a normal shape, however with a length of less than two and a half standard deviations. It is a difficult problem to solve, usually linked to hormonal deficiencies and some syndromes. Penis enlargement treatment in Delhi is most often testosterone administration and requires a multidisciplinary team with an endocrinologist, urologist and best sexologist in Delhi. There are other malformations of the penis next to the testicular pouch and hypospadias. All of these conditions are seen at birth.

Is it possible to enlarge my penis?

The results of penile augmentation treatments are satisfactory. The most used are the mechanical devices of progressive traction that can provide gains in length of 2.3 cm and 1.7 cm, in sagging and stretched respectively, according to a study by Gontero published in the British Journal of Urology.

In general, patients who go to the top sexologist in Delhi due to the size of the penis end up being instructed not to perform any surgical procedure. In some situations sex therapy is recommended and in some situation hormone therapy is recommended. Having and providing pleasure are not related to penile size, but preliminary caresses and especially the seduction of the sexual act.

Thus, penis size remains a major concern for men. However the vast majority have a normal penis and their concerns are unnecessary. Only a minority will need psychological and sexological assistance.