Improvement of Sexual Life


Impotence or erectile dysfunction is sexual anomaly. This condition refers to the inability to maintain the erection long enough for sexual satisfaction. And when this happens in a couple’s life, neither party can be happy.

However, this anomaly occurs frequently among men and is something to be taken very seriously, says sexologist in Delhi.

Natural potent for improving sexual life

No matter how hard someone desires, sex life is just as important in a couple, as is the affection and communication between partners.

And if the first factor fails, even if the last two are favored, the frustration between the two lovers can be installed and the relationship can break down very simply.

Impotence is a sexual dysfunction on the part of the man that can appear for a number of reasons.

Impotence can be caused by diabetes or certain heart conditions. Therefore, with a small treatment or with little help from nature, this problem can be improved or cured, for a fulfilled sex life, suggests the best sexologist in Delhi.

Causes of erectile dysfunction. How can impotence be counteracted?

It can be about certain heart diseases, hormonal insufficiency, the effects of some medicines or even diabetes. But, as well, erectile dysfunction can occur in the landscape and due to psychological problems.

Therefore, a cause must be found for the power to be improved, both for the good of the relationship and for the self-esteem of the man, says top sexologist in Delhi.

erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction

The main symptom of erectile dysfunction is the impossibility of obtaining and maintaining a sexual act. As explained by sexologist in Delhi, erectile dysfunctions come with a number of aspects that need to be considered:

  • Absence of erection;
  • Reduction in time of the rigidity or the number of erections;
  • Maintaining a firm erection in order to obtain a sexual act;
  • Maintaining the erection during the entire sexual act;
  • Erectile dysfunctions are a precursor to heart problems.

Erectile dysfunction treatment

Any erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi begins with a physical examination to rule out the possibility of side effects of certain medications or conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, kidney disease, says sexologist doctor in Delhi. Depending on the symptom you have, you can choose one of the three remedies below:

  • Exercises to revitalize the pubococcygeal muscle by means of a vacuum pump;
  • Surgical intervention performed to restore the blood flow to the penis area;
  • Natural supplements such as Tianli, with a complex of herbs and aphrodisiac plants;
  • Natural ginger-based treatments that help revitalize the body, damiana that helps increase fertility or maca that helps increase sexual drive.

Erectile dysfunction can be caused either by guilt or by inhibition of sexual desire. For each man, it may be a different diagnosis, but the solution is always available to everyone, says sex specialist in Delhi.

The degree of seriousness of impotence can be delimited by a short period of time or by a complete inability to maintain the erection and complete the sexual act.

There are aphrodisiac plants that may conflict with certain drug treatments, a medical check-up is recommended before resorting to their properties, says sexologist in Delhi.