What is an implant?

It is the total replacement of the dental piece.

dental implant in Pitampura consists of placing small titanium screws inside the bone to replace the natural root of the lost tooth. Subsequently, the prosthesis indicated in each case is placed.

It can be substituted from a single tooth to all those who make up the arch.

What is a root canal?

It is a procedure by which to treat pulp diseases in order to preserve the tooth.

It consists of cleaning, disinfecting and preparing in-depth the ducts where the pulp tissue is housed. Then, the ducts are sealed with a specific material and the crown of the tooth is reconstructed.

The goal of root canal treatment in Pitampura is to achieve a perfect seal that prevents germs from entering and causing any type of problem such as infections.

In the event that the coronary suffers significant destruction, it may be necessary to resort to posts for reconstruction or a sheath that protects it from fractures.

What differences exist between endodontics and implants?

  • While in the case of endodontics we try to preserve the maximum of the tooth itself, in the case of the implant, the opposite is true since its entirety is replaced.
  • By keeping part of the tooth endodontics is a more natural procedure, in the case of the dental implant in Shalimar Bagh we speak purely of an artificial prosthesis.
  • The implant treatment is monophasic, the immediate extraction and implantation of the tooth is given without other alternatives and without reverse. However, endodontic treatment is multiphasic, that is, different procedures can be given. For example, we have a tooth on which we have already performed a root canal but we feel discomfort again. If we see that the tooth is still in good condition without fissure or fracture lines, we can perform a re-root canal.
    Another case would be when we have not been able to eliminate or disinfect the entire area through the endodontics. Then we must resort to an apicectomy. A non-invasive surgical procedure by which to remove the affected tissue by altering as little as possible the gum and bone.
  • In the case of implants, being an external element to us, there may be greater risks of infection and complications than in the case of endodontics where we keep our own root.
  • Natural teeth are surrounded by a periodontal ligament that is responsible for having the sensation of pressure when biting or chewing. Implanted teeth lack this ligament and therefore with them we lose that sensation.

How to know which one to choose?

The most important thing is to go to the dentist in Pitampura so you can check the condition of the affected teeth. Once the situation is analyzed, it will be he who will propose the alternatives he creates best based on your needs.

In all cases, a root canal treatment in Shalimar Bagh can not be performed since if the tooth destruction process is very advanced, the only way to avoid possible infections is to remove it completely and perform the implant, but it will always be the first option to assess before proceed to total tooth replacement.

The opinion of dentist in Delhi is the most important since it is the one that has all the information and experience to help you make the best decision. In our dental clinic in Pitampura we have professionals with extensive experience. We want you to feel the necessary security when making a decision.

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