How to Remove Body Hair Permanently

How to Remove Body Hair Permanently

How to Remove Body Hair Permanently

Hair grows all over the human body. Although it can be normal for males to have hair in certain areas, women want it removed permanently. The need for permanent hair removal comes from many reasons, such as beauty, cosmetics, and hygienic ones.

Some areas where women undergo mostly go for hair removal are the legs, arms, groin, underarms, face. While most common hair removal methods produce results that do not last long, there are some procedures that actually remove unwanted hair permanently.

Here are three proven approaches that offer permanent hair removal:

Laser Hair removal

Laser hair removal is a treatment that uses a high-heat laser to destroy the hair follicle. This procedure should and is done by a certified technician. The technician can perform this treatment anywhere on the body, except for the area around the eyes.

The results show that a person can expect to see a 10-25% reduction in hair only after the first session. The hair that grows back is lighter and thinner. When the hair stops growing, will not return for months and even years. The treatment works best on hair that is dark and coarse.

However, the treatment does not produce satisfactory results for people with light, grey or red hair. During the procedure, a person might feel a little discomfort. Following the treatment, the skin may be irritated or become red. After the laser hair removal, the skin can become sensitive to sunlight, and it should be protected from sun exposure.


Electrolysis is a procedure that is performed by using needles to apply short wave radio frequencies to the hair follicles. After that, the hair is removed with tweezers. This process is done by a technician and is possible in every part of the body. It works on any type of hair.

To efficiently deal with the hair, taking into consideration its hair growth cycle, a person must obtain several sessions. The number of sessions depends on the target body area and the amount of hair.

When all the hair is removed, no extra sessions or appointments are needed.Some side effects that might appear from electrolysis are stinging, redness, irritation. A person can also develop an infection or excessive scar tissue around the site.

Prescription-strength creams

Prescription-strength creams are creams that are available for hair removal. They are very efficient and some are even permanent too. Different kinds of such creams can suppress hair growth when used regularly. They are dermatologically tested safe and approved for use.

However before using any such type of permanent hair removal cream, a person must consult with a doctor. The treatment generally consists of applying it two times a day.  If some kind of reaction occurs, a person should stop using the cream and see a doctor as soon as possible.

With these options that are available on the market today, dealing with unwanted hair has now become a lot faster, more convenient, and more permanent.

Each of these solutions mentioned above varies greatly in costs and procedure. So according to one’s needs, a person should find the solution that suits them the most.

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