How do pleasure and orgasms strengthen defences?

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How do pleasure and orgasms strengthen defences?

sexologist in delhi

According to sexologist in Delhi, pleasure and orgasms strengthen defences because they increase antibodies by up to 30%.

The sex is one of the most pleasurable activities that exist, and a new study found that in addition to making us feel good, pleasure and orgasms strengthen the defences, naturally protecting against viruses and bacteria.

Learn why sex could be the best way to stay healthy.

Pleasure and orgasms strengthen defences

The defences, known in medicine as the immune system, form a complex network of cells, tissues and organs that work as a team to defend ourselves against germs, viruses and bacteria that cause disease.

According to the US National Library of Medicine, defences help our bodies recognize “invaders” and keep them out of our body.

When we have weak defences, we are more likely to develop disease.

New research from the University-Barreen, in the United States, found that those who had frequent sex have a much stronger immune system, compared to those who have fewer sexual encounters per week.

So instead of taking vitamin C, a better way to have a strong immune system is to have sex.

But why does pleasure and orgasms strengthen defences?

The study found that people who had sex once or twice a week have up to 30% higher levels of immunoglobulin A, an important type of antibody that activates the immune system to attack viruses and bacteria.

The immunoglobulin A is the first line of defines of the body against a virus, so have a higher concentration of this helps prevent this contagious disease or at the least, lessen your symptoms.

Sexologists in Delhi believe that this very positive effect of sex comes from the exchange of fluids that bring different types of antigens, which make the immune system work and produce more immunoglobulin A.

But not only does it protect us from a simple cold, pleasure and orgasms help prevent the appearance of diseases such as prostate cancer or heart disease.

In this regard, the best sexologist in Delhi indicates that immunoglobulin levels rise during sex, which protects from infections and favours greater resistance to diseases.

How much sex do you have to get these benefits? You do not need to act every day, as sex specialist in Delhi suggests having frequent sex (three times a week) is enough, it’s enough to have higher immunoglobulin levels.

Excessive sex is not recommended to strengthen defences, since the same research found that people who have sex more than three times a week, showed lower immunoglobulin levels than people who did not have sexual activity.

The pleasure and orgasms strengthen the defences, but do not forget to protect yourself from STDs, so follow all recommendations of safe sex, i.e. use condoms in all relationships, urinating after sex and make constant checks with sex doctor in Delhi.

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