health benefits of sex

Health Benefits of Sexual Act


Sex, from masturbation to intercourse, can have many benefits for physical, emotional, and psychological health. According to sexologist in Delhi, these are the 10 advantages that sexual activity brings and that have been proven by science.

Pleasure aside, sex is one of the most complete exercises there is, but it can not only help you burn calories, but it can also do much more for your psychological well-being and health, and this is confirmed by numerous scientific studies that have been focused on finding out how sexual practice affects our physical and emotional state on a daily basis.

Being born, growing, reproducing and dying is the life cycle of human beings, and one of its key phases is sex. It is necessary for the species to continue, but, beyond what science books say, sexual activity – understood in its entirety, from penetration to male or female masturbation – can have many more health benefits than that we can think of.

Sexologist doctor in Delhi gives you 10 scientifically proven reasons to practice sex more frequently:

Burns calories

It is one of the best-known benefits of sex shared with another person; practising it helps keep the body active. A study carried out by researchers from the University of Montreal (Canada) showed that although calories are lost in this act, they are not as numerous as those that are eliminated by exercising. Specifically, they observed that a man loses on average about 101 kcal during intercourse, while a woman burns about 69 kcal. The authors took as a reference to a sexual encounter of approximately 25 minutes in duration. Do not think that only with this type of activity you will be able to be fit, but it can be a complement to a sport or a training session in the gym, says sex specialist in Delhi.

Boosts the immune system

The best sexologist in Delhi has explained to us that sex can improve the immune system, as this practice apparently increases the body’s ability to produce a series of protective antibodies against viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms that can end up causing common illnesses, like colds. A study published in the journal Psychological Reports indicates that having one or two sexual encounters a week can increase salivary immunoglobulin A (IgA), related to a more protected immune system. Of course, it must be complemented by a proper diet, regular physical exercise and restful sleep.

Strengthens the heart and regulates blood pressure

As a good physical exercise, in addition to the sensations and feelings that it entails, sex makes the heart rate accelerate and the heart pumps more blood through the circulatory system. Research by members of the University of Michigan (USA) found that high sexual frequency prevented heart problems in men, while in women it occurred when this practice was of quality.

Improves skin and hair

What if sex had a flash effect on the skin and improved hair quality? Top sexologist in Delhi highlights this wonderful benefit of intercourse, a brighter and improved appearance of the skin and stronger hair. The study carried out by David Weeks, from the Royal Edinburgh Hospital (Scotland), corroborates this after 10 years of research, and shows that people between 40 and 50 who regularly have sex – about three times a week – are better preserved and they can appear to be five to seven years younger. This is because during arousal and climax the body secretes large amounts of estrogens, a hormone that improves the appearance of skin, hair and nails.

Helps prevent prostate cancer

In the case of men, a study published in the European Urology journal has found that those who ejaculate on average about 21 times a month have up to 33% less risk of developing prostate cancer than those who do it between four and seven times. a month, regardless of whether it is caused by intercourse, masturbation, or night pollution. The causes of this association are that by frequently expelling the seminal fluid, the toxins accumulated in it are eliminated, in addition to prolactin, a hormone that has been linked to problems such as erectile dysfunction, according to sex doctor in Delhi.

Increase fertility

This is the theory found by a group of researchers from Indiana University (USA). It explains that those couples who are seeking to have a child should have sexual intercourse more often, something logical, however, adds that this practice should occur even outside the fertile period of the menstrual cycle since intercourse could promote some types of immunity beneficial for conception.

Reduces pain sensation

Sex is a great natural anaesthetic, says sex specialist doctor in Delhi, because “it reduces pain, especially headaches. It is also good to mitigate menstrual pain. ” At this point, also sexologist in Delhi refers to a study from the University of Münster (Germany) that was published in the journal Cephalalgia, in which the researchers found that 37% of the participants who had sexual intercourse during an episode of Migraine symptoms improved, which they attributed to the body’s release of endorphins during sex, a natural pain reliever from the body.

Prevent stress

“Sex helps to release stress and be more relaxed” explains top sexologist in Delhi, because by having sex the body produces large amounts of cortisol, a steroid hormone that has the ability to reduce stress, according to a study published in 2019 in Psychosomatic Medicine. But this study went even further and indicated that only intimacy with the partner, without the need for intercourse, would also have the ability to generate these same effects.

Improve sleep

Best sexologist in Delhi is clear, sex favours sleep. And it is that after orgasm a cocktail of hormones is released that promote a good rest, such as vasopressin, oxytocin, norepinephrine, prolactin and serotonin. However, this effect could be different in men than in women, because according to sexologist in Delhi, while 80% of men fall asleep soundly after intercourse, only 46% of women do the same; the rest are awake, and even more active than before.

Strengthen the bond with your partner

The sexual act is a practice that greatly enhances the bond with the partner and even with oneself. The explanation is in oxytocin, a hormone that is released during intercourse and that enhances feelings of affection, intimacy and closeness with the other person. During sex, a closeness, caresses and a union take place, which can help to form a stronger and more stable relationship. In addition, practising it regularly could enhance fidelity, or at least this is what a study carried out by researchers from Bonn University Medical Center (Germany) shows since the generated oxytocin makes you want to see the other person more often to produce it again, something similar to what happens with the consumption of narcotic substances.