fear of sex

Fear of Sex: Causes And Solutions

fear of sex

Intimate encounters in a couple are an important source of reinforcement that allows the relationship to stay together. However, there are people who find in those moments one of the greatest fears that they must face, either due to the panic of ridicule, not being up to the task, the possible pain that can occur during intercourse or other variants. This fear of sexual intercourse affects both men and women in different ways and is much more common than it seems.

Currently, there are multiple types of fears, phobias and disgust in society, caused by the idea of ​​exaggerated control that one has, perfectionism, excessive hygiene, among others. All this contributes to the constant appearance of more and new cases of sex panic, which is reflected every day in the avoidance of the practice, as the main mechanism, anxiety crisis before the situation, it can even lead to somatization and appearance of diseases of difficult diagnosis.

But how do you know if you are afraid of sex?

As Dr. P k Gupta, sexologist in Delhi points out, nowadays there is a trend towards “self-diagnosis through the search for information – rather misinformation according to the expert – on the Internet and after that a greater inclination to self-therapy or an attempt at self-psycho treatment. ” However, from sexology this fear can be divided into several types. On the one hand, the real phobia of sexuality or any of the elements that encompasses it, such as pregnancy, coital behavior or one’s own or the other’s genitalia. The phobic character also occurs that presents a more stable form of behavior, by automatically regulating the panic attack. And on the other hand, disgust.

Sexologist doctor in Delhi points out that both the latter and phobias have in common that they can turn into disorders if they turn into irrational fear. “It is rational to feel disgusted if I touch or taste something disgusting, but it is not rational if I stop having a relationship because I have some hair on my genitals or I force myself and my partner to always shower before and after the relationship,” exemplifies the expert.

Once this fear has been diagnosed, the causes of its appearance must be known. The origin may be due to several reasons, such as the trauma caused by rape or abuse, the anxiety of a woman to become pregnant due to her mother’s own fear or personalizing the sexual problems of others in oneself.

However, currently one of the main causes derives from the search for perfection in sexual life. The media, the early consumption of pornography, the over information, are generating real panic pictures about sexual relations. “Currently, there are men who, because of watching pornography at a very young age and the irrational idea that this is what to do and with that power and staging, become overwhelmed and feel unable to put it into practice. When they have their first experience and see how far they are from that irrational model, they enter an avoidance loop,” exemplifies sex specialist in Delhi.

Also, the excessive advertising of hygiene products and their results is generating new disgust and phobias. “Today the concept of the perfect vulva has appeared, sold by plastic surgeons. I understand that when there is a malformation someone wants to make it disappear, but turning a normal, large, small vulva, with more or less labia minora, into an object of personal rejection is an iatrogenic barbarity”, best sexologist in Delhi points out.

Possible solutions

Although there are several reasons why fear of sex can be present in anyone’s sexual life, the existing measures to solve it are also varied. The first step is to identify the problem, once it has been achieved, you should immediately go to a sex doctor in Delhi.

The expert points out that “one should not wait too long to ask for professional help”, to which he adds that “many try to seek outside help, face their fear with courage, for this they go to brothels, get married to force themselves, or introduce objects into their sexual organs. ” On the contrary, you have to be aware and realistic when identifying the problem and go to the sex specialist doctor in Delhi. Dr. Gupta believes that “you should never go to the search for detailed information, or to self-treatment.”

In addition, for this fear to disappear successfully, the help and support of the partner is necessary. This plays a very important role. “The behavior that the couple must adopt is to understand that the other has a problem and that he or she does not have to be the culprit or cause. The ideal help that he or she can offer is first in convincing and then collaborating with him or her in therapy”, explains the sexologist in Delhi.

Once this fear is overcome, the next step is to achieve maximum security in the sexual sphere, for this we must “eliminate the concepts of perfect sex, the concept of tantric sex or Disney romanticism, which have done as much damage as the pornographic one”, sexologist in Delhi emphasizes. All have created fear and insecurity or frustrations by distancing expectations from reality. “In sex, like everything in life, security is achieved with practice,” says the best sexologist in Delhi.

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