Deviant Sexual Behavior

sexual problems

Deviant Sexual Behavior

sexual problems

Sexual experiences are part of a balanced life. But if an unusual desire for sex arises and the concern for it is so high that health, service, relationships and other parts of life are affected, it may be deviant sexual behavior, explains sexologist in Delhi.

Deviant sexual behavior is sometimes called hypersexuality, nymphomania or erotomania. Others call it sex addiction – comparing the well being offered by sexual activity with that offered by alcohol, drugs or gambling addiction. But deviant sexual behavior is considered a problem of impulse control – a disorder that cannot resist the temptation to do something that harms the person or other people. Deviant sexual behavior is a normal behavior that creates pleasure and goes to extremes, says the best sexologist in Delhi.

It is not as important as it is called, but deviant sexual behavior is a real problem that interferes with everyday life and can even endanger health. But with treatment and self-mastery programs, one can learn how to manage deviant sexual behavior and how to develop a healthier sex life, says top sexologist in Delhi.


Symptoms of deviant sexual behavior vary as a mode of presentation and intensity. Impulses that cause deviant sexual behavior can be chronic and intense and the person may feel as though he has lost control.

In general, if an individual has deviant sexual behavior, it is possible to have one of these characteristics: –

  • Has multiple sexual partners or extra
  • marital ties – Has sexual relations with anonymous partners or prostitutes
  • Avoid emotional involvement in sexual relations
  • Use sites or phones that offer different types of sexual services
  • Excessive masturbation
  • Prefer sadistic or masochistic sex
  • Maybe exhibitionism.

People who suffer from deviant sexual behavior usually use sex to get rid of other problems, such as loneliness, depression, anxiety or stress. They can continue to engage in risky sexual behaviors, despite the fact that serious consequences can occur, such as health problems, sexually transmitted diseases or loss of relationship, says sexologist doctor in Delhi.

Men and women who suffer from deviant sexual behavior can be married or involved in serious relationships and apparently lead normal lives. In fact, they often have problems with establishing and maintaining emotional intimacy. They try to feel fulfilled through sexual behavior, but they cannot find emotional fulfillment and so their life may seem empty.

Deviant sexual behavior can affect anyone regardless of sexual preferences, including heterosexuals, homosexuals or bisexuals, explains sex specialist in Delhi.


The causes of deviant sexual behavior are unknown. Research on sex addiction is relatively new and possible causes are still being investigated, including:

– Brain abnormalities.

Certain diseases or dysfunctions can cause areas of the brain that affect sexual behavior. Multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and dementia are all associated with deviant sexual behavior. In addition, treatment of Parkinson ‘s disease with dopamine agonist drugs may induce deviant sexual behavior.

– Natural chemicals of the brain.

Neurotransmitters, serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine and others, play an important role in sexual functioning and may be related to deviant sexual behavior, although it is unclear in what way.

– Androgens.

These are sex hormones that appear physiologically in men and women. Although androgens also play an important role in social desire, it is not clear how they can influence deviant sexual behavior.

– Changes in the electrical circuits of the brain.

Some researchers support a theory that deviant sexual behavior is an addiction that over time creates changes in neural circuits – a network of nerves that allow brain cells to communicate with each other. These changes can lead to pleasurable sensations during sexual behaviors and unpleasant sensations when this behavior no longer occurs.

Risk factors

Deviant sexual behavior affects both men and women of all ages.

It is unclear how many people suffer from deviant sexual behavior. It is estimated that it affects between 3-6% of the adult population of the United States. More men are diagnosed than women with deviant sexual behavior. But, women may go to the doctor less often and then they are diagnosed less.

Sex doctor in Delhi believes that other psychological conditions can increase the risk of developing deviant sexual behavior. For example, if in childhood a person has been sexually, emotionally or physically abused, he or she may develop an abnormal attitude toward sex, or feel ashamed or useless. These feelings can inhibit normal sexual expression and intimacy will become an extreme sexual activity. Many people who suffer from deviant sexual behavior have acknowledged sexual or physical abuse in the past.

When should we call the doctor?

Most people with deviant sexual behavior require treatment. Efforts to treat oneself or attempts to resist deviant sexual behavior are often unsuccessful because the desire is very strong.

Here are some questions a person should ask, if they have any doubts about addressing a specialized help:

  • Can I control my sexual behavior?
  • Does my sexual behavior affect my relationship, service or negative consequences, such as being arrested?
  • Is sex always in my mind, even if I don’t want to think about it?
  • Do I try to break my sexual explosions?

If a person is worried about being obsessed with sex, it is best to consult a sexologist in Karol Bagh who specializes in treating deviant sexual behavior. Your family doctor may refer you to such a sexologist in East Delhi.

It is not easy for anyone to go to a sexual addiction consultation because it is a profound personal issue. It is good for anyone attending such a consultation to put aside the shame they can feel and focus on the benefits of receiving treatment, suggests sexologist in Delhi.


Deviant sexual behavior can have serious consequences that can affect the person concerned, but also those around. These can be:

  • Neglecting or deceiving your partner or family, which can lead to very strong relationships
  • Other mental illnesses can occur, such as depression, extreme stress and anxiety
  • Financial debt may arise due to the purchase of pornography and services
  • Sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV , hepatitis or others can occur and so these people can infect others
  • These people may get arrested due to prostitution or inappropriate behavior, such as exhibitionism
  • Loss of concentration in the workplace, threat of losing it
  • Possibility of an unwanted pregnancy
  • Adopting other high-risk behaviors, such as drug and alcohol abuse
  • Guilt and shame can occur


Fear, shame may make it difficult to go to a sexologist clinic in Delhi for deviant sexual behavior, but it is important to seek help of sexologist in South Delhi. The treatment involves psychotherapy, medicines and focus groups. A first point in treating common forms of deviant sexual behavior is learning by the person concerned how to manage their desire and reduce their excessive sexual behaviors while maintaining a normal sex life.

Persons with other addictions, severe mental illness or who pose a danger to others will be admitted for treatment. Whether it is in the hospital or at home, treatment will be intense at first. It is possible that regular treatment over time will help prevent relapses, suggests sexologist in Delhi.


There is little research into the use of drugs used in psychiatry to treat deviant sexual behavior. However, small studies have found that the use of certain drugs may be helpful.

The medication that best suits each person depends on the situation as a whole and other conditions that can be associated, such as depression. Satisfactory results may be due to a combination of medicines, or several drugs may be tried to see which one has the best action, with the least adverse effects, says sexologist in Delhi.


It is not known how to prevent deviant sexual behavior.

However, by treating brain disorders that predispose to sexual addiction, deviant sexual behavior can be prevented. In addition, identifying and treating early symptoms can help prevent the worsening of deviant sexual behavior to a point where it can be harmful to other people. Many people who exhibit deviant sexual behavior have been sexually abused in childhood. A professional treatment can help heal these scars.

Lifestyle and remedies that can be used at home

Although it is difficult for a person to succeed in defeating deviant sexual behavior, without any help it is good for self-control to become involved with therapy.

  • Persons following treatment should remain focused on the treatment plan. Medications should be taken as prescribed and participation in therapy sessions should continue, even if relapses are present.
  • People need to be informed about deviant sexual behavior in order to better understand the causes and treatment.
  • It is good to discover what leads to this type of behavior. Identify the situations, thoughts and feelings that can cause deviant sexual behavior to find a solution to control it.
  • Risky situations should be avoided. People who have deviant sexual behavior must know that they endanger their health and those around them, engaging in risky sexual practices.
  • Must receive treatment for substance abuse or other mental illness. For addicts, depression, anxiety and stress, they generate each other leading to a vicious circle.
  • Persons suffering from deviant sexual behavior must find ways to re-analyze their sexual tensions through exercises and recreational activities.
  • These people need to learn how to manage their stress and relaxation. It is good to try stress reduction techniques such as meditation or yoga.
  • People who have deviant sexual behavior must remain focused on their purpose. Recovery can take a long time. They must remain motivated, constantly reminding them that they can repair damaged relationships, friendships or financial problems.

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