Dentures: Purposes and Types

Dentures: Purposes and Types

Dentures: Purposes and Types

You can lose your teeth for several reasons; it might be caused by any accident, disease, or age decay. Whatever the reason is, we cannot imagine a smile without teeth. Hence you should type denture repair near me on your browser to get rid of the problem.

3 Major Purposes Of Using Dentures

If you still think that using dentures might invite discomfort, then you are not updated. Modern dentures are pretty comfortable to use. There are several benefits of using dentures; the benefits are discussed further.

  1. For boosting self-confidence

You can avoid such embarrassment by using dentures and boost your self-confidence. With a set of dentures, you do not need to worry about facial appearance.

  1. No restrictions over food

If you have lost your teeth, you must avoid certain types of foods that can be frustrating. Using dentures, you can have foods that are “hard to chew.” Besides, eliminating foods can harm your health as you are cutting off nutrients.

  1. No more speaking problem

We all can realize that without teeth, it is difficult to pronounce words. Therefore people with such issues try to avoid conversation. But while using dentures, you can talk without any such problems.

5          Types of dentures are there at your rescue

Some centers provide all denture needs like complete dentures, immediate dentures, partial dentures, flexible partial dentures, and denture implants.

  1. Full Dentures

Complete dentures are custom-made prosthetic devices. False teeth or full dentures are removable; hence it is pretty comfortable to carry.

  • It doesn’t matter why you have lost your teeth, and the custom-crafted complete dentures will help you.
  • Moreover, with full dentures, you can have a natural look.
  1. b) Immediate dentures

As you can understand from the name, immediate dentures mean immediate false teeth. Immediate dentures help with gum healing as they protect the tooth sockets.

  • Immediate dentures are less expensive, and they can be made by adjusting shape and color with your teeth.
  • But compared to permanent dentures, the lifespan of immediate dentures is short, and it needs oral evaluation time and again.
  1. c) Partial dentures

It would help if you had Partial dentures to fill up the gaps and adjust them with the remaining teeth. These custom-made removable dentures are prosthetic devices made with metal caps. Based on your need the partial dentures can be made.

  1. d) Flexible partial dentures

Unlike partial dentures, flexible partial dentures have no metal cups attached. Hence, there are fewer chances of damaging the dentures. The gum-colored loose dentures are acrylic free which is perfect if you have sensitivity issues.

  1. e) Denture implant

The two types of implant dentures are implant-retained dentures and implant-supported dentures. The first one is the metal posts made for your jawbone to stimulate the function of your tooth roots. The second component is planted in your mouth to replace the missing teeth.

Now you are fully aware of the type of denture so pick one as per your need. But make sure that you consult a reliable doctor or center before choosing one.

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