Dahi Bhalle Recipe | Chef Sanjyot Keer | Your Food Lab

Dahi Bhalle Recipe | Chef Sanjyot Keer | Your Food Lab

Written recipe for Dahi bhalle

Rest time: 5 hours
Prep time: 10 mins
Cooking time: 30 mins
Serves: 6

For soaked wadas
• Urad dal 1 cup (washed)
• Water to soak
• Moong dal ½ cup (washed)
• Jeera (cumin seeds) 1 tsp
• Green chillies 1-2 nos. (chopped)
• Ginger 1 tsp (grated)
• Raisins 1/4th cup
• Oil for frying
• Luke warm water for soaking
• Salt to taste
• Hing 1 tsp
• Soak the urad dal and moong dal separately in fresh water for at least 5 hours or overnight.
• Drain the excess water of both, moong dal and urad dal and grind them separately in a mixer grinder to make a smooth paste, do add little water if required.
• Add both the dal paste in the same mixing bowl and whisk them well for 8-10 minutes use only one direction for whisking, whisk until the mixture fluffs up. Check by taking a spoon if its stuck to the spoon its ready for the next step, make sure its not pouring in consistency.
• Add jeera, green chillies, ginger and raisins, mix and fold gently.
• Set a wok or a deep pan filled with oil on medium high heat for deep frying the wadas, dip your hands in cold water, scoop and shape the dal mixture in small roundels and drop it in hot oil carefully.
• While frying gently keep pouring the hot oil with the spatula so the wadas fluff up. Take out the wadas and soak them in Luke warm water.
• Pour Luke warm water in a big bowl for soaking, add salt and hing, mix well and transfer the fried wadas in water to soak.
• Take out the soaked wadas and squeeze out excess water with light hands without damaging the wadas. Keep aside and assemble when about to eat.

Seasoned curd
• Curd 2 cups
• Black Salt ½ tsp
• Powdered sugar 1/4th cup or as per taste
• Strain curd with the help of sieve and add black salt and powdered sugar and mix well. Keep aside for later use.

Ingredients: (make sure the chutney and the curd is chilled enough)
• Soaked wadas
• Seasoned curd
• Jeera powder
• Red chilli powder
• Black salt
• Tamarind chutney
• Mint chutney
• Soaked boondi
• Pomegranate seeds
• Place the soaked wadas in a serving platter and pour the seasoned curd on every wadas evenly, sprinkle some jeera powder, red chilli powder, black salt all over the wadas, pour tamarind chutney and mint chutney, top it with some soaked boondis and some pomegranate seeds.
• Your dahi bhalle is ready to be served, serve it chilled.

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