gynecomastia surgery

Correction of Gynecomastia

gynecomastia surgery

It also hurts to masculinity if the chest is feminine

One of the hallmarks of a masculine exterior is the strong chest on which the lady can rest. But what if the male body develops feminine breasts? This is called gynecomastia. This will help with male breast reduction surgery in Delhi.

Today, more and more men are complaining that their feminine breasts have grown. Many people try to get rid of the phenomenon with diet and hard workouts, but with little success. This may be due to several health problems, such as hereditary predisposition, heavy weight loss, certain chronic diseases, excessive use of bodybuilding agents, and the most common cause today, hormonal disorders. Processed foods, harmful compounds, and phytoestrogens can all upset the hormonal balance of middle-aged or older men, which responds to the situation in the form of feminine breasts.

Feminine breasts affect the body, the soul, but even sex

However, this condition changes men not only physically but also mentally, as the externally to be covered also undermines their self-esteem, causing serious frustration. With such a problem, when the clothes are removed, men may feel staring, whispering behind their backs and therefore think their bodies are ashamed. In the long run, this can even affect libido, which can ruin a relationship. These problems should be avoided by all means, so instead of wearing loose shirts for years, it is a good idea to consult a plastic surgeon in Delhi when the problem develops.

Breast surgery for men? Yes!

Enlarged male breasts are reduced by a plastic surgeon in Panipat after a special surgical procedure, male breast reduction surgery, also called gynecomastia surgery in Panipat, after examining the area. Of course, the procedure itself, which is performed under anesthesia, is tailored to the characteristics of the male body, so that the best plastic surgeon in Panipat removes the accumulated and thus excess adipose tissue and glandular tissue during the operation.

Tightening and liposuction can also improve the outcome of gynecomastia

If the skin has sagged due to the lesion, the best plastic surgeon in Karnal will also tighten it, cutting out the excess. It is not uncommon for local liposuction to be required to achieve the perfect result, but it is performed during approximately 1.5 hours of surgery.

A few weeks and new men are standing in front of the mirror

Of course, as with any plastic surgery, there are a few weeks after gynecomastia surgery in Karnal when you need to switch to gentle mode. In the two weeks after the procedure, no strenuous exercise can be done, but after that, everything can return to the old wheel cut quite slowly. Similar to female breast augmentation, a special compression bandage should be worn for 8 weeks after gynecomastia to ensure that the skin adheres perfectly and no abnormal fluid buildup occurs in the tissues. It can cause discomfort to a man, but two months is much less time than covering ourselves up for a lifetime. Moreover, the experience of our doctors they show that at the very first check-up after surgery, much more confident men enter the door, even though they haven’t even seen the end result! And by the time the bandage was removed, their whole lives had changed!

It is also worth taking the time to do this

In addition to plastic surgery, it is important that if a hormonal disorder or chronic health problem has caused a feminine breast enlargement, it is also remedied, as gynecomastia surgery only treats the external condition.

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