Coordinating Your Jewellery To Your Skin Tone

Coordinating Your Jewellery To Your Skin Tone

Coordinating Your Jewellery To Your Skin Tone

Skin colour comes in a range of beautiful shades from paper-white to deep, rich black but skin tone comes in two variances – warm and cold. Identifying your skin tone isn’t always obvious but it can make a huge difference to the colour of clothing and jewellery you buy and how it looks when worn.

Identifying Skin Tone

Identifying Skin Tone

The easiest way to identify the tone of your skin is to look at the veins in your arm under natural light. It might be easier to hold up a clean, white sheet of paper next to your arm as a comparison as well. If you have a cool skin tone, your veins are going to appear blue or purple while a warm skin tone makes your veins look almost green under your skin. Avoid trying to identify your vein colour under an electric light or bulb as this can cast certain glows over your skin which masks or changes the colour of your veins.

You can also identify your skin tone from the way your skin reacts to the sun. If you are more likely to tan in the sun you have a warm skin tone, if you burn easily under sun exposure and get a lot of freckles, you have a cool skin tone. Finally, the last and slightly unreliable way to identify skin tone is to look at your eye colour and the natural colour of your hair. Brown-eyed and dark-haired individuals are more likely to have a warm skin tone while someone with blue eyes and blond hair will have a cool skin tone.

If you have identified your skin tone as the opposite to what you thought, don’t despair! Most quality jewellery is produced in multiple tones, such as this luxury king skull bracelet. If you find something you like, you can usually get it in the right colour for you.

Choosing Jewellery For Your Skin Tone

With your skin tone identified, it’s time for the best bit – picking some coordinating jewellery for your look! While these rules aren’t set strictly in stone, they will benefit the overall appearance of your style. Including helping to avoid those days where you put on an outfit and something just doesn’t quite look right.

Jewellery For Warm Skin Tones

Gold-lovers with warm skin tones rejoice as gold is definitely your colour. Whether you go for the traditional yellow gold or pink-hued rose gold, gold jewellery including bracelets, earrings and necklaces will look natural when added to your ensemble. Accompanied by gemstones such as ruby, jade, citrine, garnet or white or yellow diamonds can take your look to the next level and will surely have you turning heads on arrival.

These colours are great for pairing with clothing or neutral and earthy tones or lighter colour hues including turquoise, orange and yellow.

Jewellery For Cool Skin Tone

For cooler skin tones, white and grey metals suit your skin tone best which includes silver, titanium, platinum and white gold. Gemstone colours to accompany your appearance look best in vibrant colours of red, purple and blue such as ruby, amethyst and sapphire. Rose-gold can be worn but choose the piece carefully, strong hues of yellow or pink can look odd against cool skin tones making a neutral dusty pink rose gold piece ideal to wear.

These colours look fantastic when worn with outfits of monotone shades but as silver and light grey are fairly neutral colours themselves, you can get away with wearing most colours.

Why Do Skin Tones Matter?

Wearing the wrong colours or jewellery for your skin tone won’t make you stick out on the street like you are wearing a neon sign but it’s something that can be noticeable when dressing up for an occasion. You may have noticed it yourself if you have previously worn jewellery or certain colours that don’t quite fit your appearance but you haven’t been able to put your finger on the cause.

If you coordinate your jewellery and your clothing colours to your skin tone, as well as to the shape of your face and your body type, not only will you look the part but you will more comfortable and confident in yourself!

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