Can SpaceX Starship & Blue Origin Really Go To The Moon?

Can SpaceX Starship & Blue Origin Really Go To The Moon?

From the goals, to the plans, to the rivals, and more, join me as we ask the question of whether SpaceX can send their starship to the moon!

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When you look at space, there are a lot of things out there that we as humans want to reach. And the first thing that we truly reached and could grasp was the moon itself. On July 20th 1969, after many years of trials, tribulations, setbacks, delays, fears and more, we sent three men into space, and two of them landed on the moon (the third stayed in the craft just for the record, someone had to watch their ride!). It was a triumphant moment in human history. But it was also something that afterwards…lost its luster in terms of repeating the feat.
We did go back to the moon multiple times, but each time it got more and more costly, more and more questioned, until eventually the Apollo program (which was the program to get people to the moon) was outright canceled. Only recently did things start to look better for the program as both NASA and Elon Musk via SpaceX decided to go and inspire the human race to try and get back to the moon in a good amount of time. In fact, it could be that we get to the moon again very soon, even before we reach the long-awaited Mars. Or at least, that’s what Elon Musk thinks:
“Well, this is gonna sound pretty crazy, but I think we could land on the moon in less than two years,” Musk told Time. “Certainly with an uncrewed vehicle I believe we could land on the moon in two years. So then maybe within a year or two of that we could be sending crew. I would say four years at the outside.”
In other words, Musk is saying his conservative estimate for sending people back to the moon aboard a SpaceX vehicle is 2023, the year before NASA hopes to send a crew — including the first female astronaut to visit the moon — as part of its new Artemis program.
You might think that this is a friendly competition thing going on, but it’s a little more complicated than that. You see, Elon Musk started SpaceX with others to try and restore humanities faith in reaching out to the stars, and it’s worked. But more importantly than that, he wanted to make an independent space company that didn’t rely on government funding (like NASA) and thus be able to make spaceships, satellites, and more at a much cheaper cost. Which, again, he succeeded in. This has actually put NASA and SpaceX on great terms, and the two are working together in various ways. Including sending certain SpaceX ships up to the International Space Station, and working together on plans to help get humanity to Mars.
However, NASA has noted recently that they desire to go the moon on their own craft, which of course prompted a response from Elon:
“If it were to take longer to convince NASA and the authorities that we can do it versus just doing it, then we might just do it. It may literally be easier to just land Starship on the moon than try to convince NASA that we can.”
And that right there is one of the cruxes of Elon Musk’s belief in his team and his spaceships. If he thinks he can do something, he’ll push to do it, and he’s been more right than wrong in recent months and years with his programs. His communications satellite system Starlink has started launching and is getting closer to its first minor test in North America. The various starships that he’s making is getting more and more tests, and so on and so forth.
That being said, we all know that Elon Musk can talk more than he can produce at times. A lot of his spaceships in recent months have had issues, including one of his ships trying to launch and creating a massive fireball instead. The ship was fine and it was revealed that a leak in a system caused a fireball, but still, it delayed future plans by a significant margin.
Which is why many aren’t exactly believing that Elon Musk is going to reach the moon in the next few years because of the uncertainty of space travel and all the dangers that can go along with it.
But, that doesn’t mean that NO ONE may be able to reach the moon in the next few years…
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Jeff Bezos is the founder of Amazon, you know the major website where you likely have bought more things than you care to admit? And throughout his life, he’s had a fascination with space. So much so that it was him who found the Apollo 11 Engines that were jettisoned during the launch of the legendary mission.
But unlike many, he’s not looking to Mars (unlike NASA and SpaceX among others), he feels that humanity has a lot to get from the moon itself.

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