Best Fabrics for a Saree

Best Fabrics for a Saree

Best Fabrics for a Saree

The fluid and flattering drape of an Indian saree has a charming look and appeals to millions across the globe. This attire is modest yet sensuous. A saree is a silhouette that can be carried gracefully anywhere and anytime. The outfit is stylish and comfortable to wear at offices, parties, or functions. They are a style statement in themselves and hence many women are looking to buy sarees online in the USA.

The six yards of fabric doesn’t have a cut or a shape and takes the shape of a woman’s body structure. This unique aspect differentiates it from other garments. This quality also puts a lot of emphasis on the saree’s texture and fabric. In this article, we would be talking about the best fabrics for a saree.

Best Fabrics for a Saree

A saree is a great outfit for all occasions. Keeping this in mind, one should know about the fabrics that are best suited for a saree. These can be seen below:


Sarees made from georgette are lightweight and can be made from both silks as well as synthetic yarns. These sarees are easy to pleat and look quite flattering. This saree material can be easily printed, dyed, or embellished in different ways. One can easily find heavy-work wedding sarees in the georgette base. Georgette sarees can also be worn for casual, office-wear, or daily wear. This material can also be used for creating lace borders or digital print.

  1. Cotton

Cotton is one of the most comfortable fabrics among all. Pure and soft Cotton can be easily folded to make crisp pleats. This gives an ideal fall for both business meetings as well as formal wear. Pure Kota sarees in cotton-silk or cotton can keep one cool in the summers. Hence, they are suitable for daily wear or summer weddings.

However, one should note that all cotton sarees might not be easy to drape as most of them tend to be starched heavily and can be voluminous. Arkandi is one such popular type of cotton fabric. With such sarees, one has to be careful in draping and pleating. Women who want a slim and slender look should avoid such sarees.

  1. Cotton-Silk and Blended Materials

Cotton blended with silk has also become a sought-after fabric in recent times. Such sarees give the best of both worlds. On one hand, it has the grace and luster of silk whereas, on the other hand, it has the soothing effect of the cotton fabric. Cotton silk sarees are stylish for social events and comfortable enough to wear for long durations. These are popular among women who want to flaunt a chic and ethnic appeal.

When one blends cotton with expensive silk fabrics, it also makes the sarees quite appealing as well as affordable. Similarly, designers today are blending expensive fabrics with their affordable and comfortable counterparts to give them an amazing appeal. Most of the blended fabrics as well as heavier cotton weaves such as terry cotton, damask, poplin, etc. are good for everyday wear as they do not cause wrinkles.

  1. Silk

Another expensive and sought-after fabric for making sarees is silk. Silk is considered as an exquisite material for sarees. It is highly recommended for rituals, weddings, special occasions as well as parties. Sarees made from good quality silk are irreplaceable. They are amazing in terms of pleating, ease of draping, and comfort.

Sarees made from pure silk have a graceful fall as well as an unmatched luxurious appeal. There are different varieties of silk available for making sarees such as Banarasi silk, Sambalpuri, Chanderi, Kanchipuram Silk, and Maheshwari. Such sarees are handloom-made and popular due to their unique characteristics. Silk sarees are globally recognized as valuable souvenirs from India.

However, if you are looking to buy Sarees online in the USA, there are certain variants such as starched tussar, organza, dupion, taffeta, and raw silk that you need to be careful with as they need expert handling and pleating. Sarees made from these fabrics are not easy to drape or carry. Thus, one needs to be careful while buying a silk saree.


An Indian saree is a trendy outfit to wear on any occasion. However, while choosing a saree for an occasion, make sure that you use the right fabric as it can impact your overall look. The comfort level in a saree is also dependent on the kind of saree fabric that you choose. The right saree fabric will boost your confidence and make you look gorgeous.

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