Basic Information About Sexual Health

Sexual health remains an issue that is still under-discussed, although the reproductive system is at least as important as any other anatomical region.

Poodle, receiving incorrect information or refusing to acquire essential knowledge about sexual health, all come from the prejudices that many people still face, not only that it impedes the development of a normal and satisfying sexual life, but it also multiplies the chances of becoming ill and diagnosed, warns sexologist in Delhi.

Basic aspects of sexual health

Like emotional, mental or physical health, sexual health also contributes significantly to the well-being of the general health of the body and to the individual psychological balance. People have the right to enjoy perfect sexual health, which implies the optimal functionality of the reproductive tract and obtaining sexual satisfaction in the couple.

Therefore, any sexually active adult must know a number of basic aspects of their own sexual health, suggests the best sexologist in Delhi.

  • The physiological process of sexual contact data on bodily arousal, the cycle of sexual desire, the natural responses to intimate stimulation, the proper functioning of the genital organs, the role and normal appearance of the bodily secretions, the result of copulation and the trigger of orgasm.
  • Problems related to reproduction the main purpose of sexual functions is that of reproduction, unprotected sexual contact leading most likely to obtain a pregnancy; it is important to know the methods of contraception and to prevent the necessity of a pregnancy interruption, with major psychological and physiological consequences (especially at an early age). Also in the chapter of a reproduction comes the necessary information about conception, pregnancy, and its implications, labor, and birth.
  • Physiological disorders that affect sexual health, vaginal dryness (due to hormonal disorders, birth or menopause), erectile dysfunction, low libido and sexual appetite discrepancy between partners, physical disabilities or other body disorders that need solutions from sex specialist in Delhi for satisfying sex life. Other sexual disorders can include pain during sexual intercourse, bleeding, abnormal itching or stinging, discomfort and the causes behind these discomforts.
  • Psychological problems of compatibility in couple psychological impediments or incompatibilities unsatisfied between partners, which prevents the development of successful sexual acts. In this case, sexologist doctor in Delhi, specialists in couples counseling or sexual therapists can find solutions to restore sexual balance and resolve personal traumas, which are often included in the list of causes of intimate disorders.

Diseases that affect sexual health

Diseases that affect sexual health are found especially among the young population, with multiple intimate partners. Unprotected sexual acts mediate the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), which cause unpleasant or very painful symptoms, with long-term effects that may involve loss of fertility and even risk of loss of life, warns top sexologist in Delhi.

The prevention of sexually transmitted diseases can only be achieved through

  • The accumulation of information provided by specialized sex doctor in Delhi, about all types of STDs, their signs and symptoms, the consequences of the infection and the treatment methods. This information has begun to be transmitted to schools of middle school-age students, who are going through puberty and need to know about those natural transformations of their body, as well as the consequences that uncompromising sexual behavior can have on general health.
  • Avoiding contact with sexually transmitted diseases through the use of a condom, the only method of contraception that offers almost full protection against infection with sexual pathogens.
  • Periodic medical analyzes to identify potential infections of the reproductive tract, as well as other sexual problems, even if there are no symptoms that indicate a health problem at this level.
  • Correct information on how to live a normal life after contacting some sexually transmitted diseases that cannot be treated (hepatitis C, contacting the HPV virus, HIV infection, etc.).
  • Counseling regarding sexual assaults, which can leave the physiological and psychological sequels deep to the victims of these types of abuses.

sexual dysfunctions

Request help in the case of sexual health problems

One problem currently facing sexologists in Delhi is that many people seek help for their sexual, physiological or mental problems, at a very advanced stage of the disorder. Because they feel embarrassed or hope that the problem will eventually disappear by themselves, patients seek medical intervention when the medical condition already degenerates and reaches a very difficult stage to manage.

The specialists that any person with sexual health problems can call are

The sexologist in Delhi is the one who knows very well about sexual problems, as well as the impact that some medicines can have on sexual health. He can ask questions about the changes in the patient’s life, the pain experienced by him in the reproductive system and other significant details, to correlate the answers and to identify the specialist who can thoroughly and correctly investigate the suspected problem (obstetrician-gynecologist, urologist, etc.). ).

After carrying out the analyses designed to diagnose the potential sexual dysfunction of a physiological nature, it can be ascertained whether sexual health is influenced by psychological problems. Couple counselors or a sexologist in Delhi are experts who can provide solutions for psychiatric sexual disorders.

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