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impact of erectile dysfunction

How to establish the psychological impact of erectile dysfunction on your quality of life?

In this article, sexologist in Delhi is going to present a study published in the Journal of Urology of the American Urology Association, which describes a scale to measure the impact of erectile dysfunction on the quality of life of patients. It is a very interesting and superior instrument, since until now the tools we had were not specific but rather general measures of psychological and sexual functioning.

Get ready to know how to establish the psychological impact of erectile dysfunction on your quality of life!

What is the first thing I should do if I think I have erectile dysfunction?

Ordering blood tests, performing studies such as penile doppler or monitoring of nocturnal penile tumescence and taking objective tests of sexual functioning such as the International Index of Erectile Function are part of the treatment process carried out by a sex specialist doctor in Delhi, particularly in the evaluation and diagnosis stage. But it is also key to analyze how the sexual problem impacts the patient’s life and that of his partner.

Particularly when it comes to chronic erectile dysfunction, with treatments that did not have a positive result or even if it is associated with other couple problems, the man’s mood and the stability of his relationship are put at risk. That is why in the first consultation with the best sexologist in Delhi it is important to use validated tests to measure not only the level of negative impact of sexual dysfunction, but also the specific areas in which each individual patient is affected.

Erectile dysfunction affects far beyond the confines of the marital bedroom.

The man feels bad about himself, with his self-esteem, and in relationships with other people, including the workplace and other aspects of his daily life.

A work called: ” Study of the quality of life in men with erectile dysfunction” describes the development of an instrument called Psychological Impact of Erectile Dysfunction. What is interesting is that, unlike two other tests that were created previously, it not only includes a global measure of impact but also measures several more specific aspects. This gives the possibility of working in more detail on specific factors. Basically, this scale measures two large areas. On the one hand, the impact of erectile dysfunction on the sexual experience. On the other hand, its consequences in emotional life. It consists of 16 items, which are solved in a few minutes.

As an example, these are some statements whose answer will provide us with very significant information about erectile dysfunction:

  • “I avoid sexual opportunities.”
  • “I am afraid of touching my partner and provoking a sexual approach.”
  • “I don’t believe my partner when he tells me that he is satisfied with my sexual performance.”
  • “At times I have been so devastated by the performance of my penis that I wanted to die.”
  • “I am easily frustrated by little things.”
  • “My erectile dysfunction makes me feel like less of a man.”

With this sample, you can think of your own answers and have a first approach to the impact of this problem on your emotional and sexual life.

In this way, the sexologist doctor in Delhi can have greater clarity about the need to refer to psychotherapy, and the psychologist can have initial information related to points to work on with the patient and the couple. Thinking that erectile dysfunction is reduced to the study and treatment of the penis is not practicing sexual medicine.

Remember that making a consultation with an expert sexologist in Delhi is always better than not doing it.

causes of erectile dysfunction

Do You Know What Are The Main Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a taboo problem that affects millions of men around the world. Whether psychic or physical, erectile dysfunction has a solution and can be prevented.

Any alteration of the mechanisms involved in erection (sexual desire, stimulation, neurological problems, vascular problems) can produce the alteration of the normal process of erection, this is what is known as erectile dysfunction. The causes of erectile dysfunction can be both organic and psychological and will require one or another treatment depending on their nature.

Various health problems, both physical, psychological or emotional, can be behind this type of sexual problem; even the side effects of finished medications.

We share the following causes recognized as a trigger for erectile dysfunction:

Hypertension and cardiovascular disease, one of the most frequent diseases in men, affects 1 in 4 men. Hypertension deteriorates the arteries, causes a malfunction and obstruction of the blood vessels and that also includes the penile arteries: blood does not enter the penis enough and there is no normal erection.

High cholesterol, a condition that causes damage to our arteries, causing them not to function properly and their diameter to become progressively obstructed. Similar to what was said in hypertension.

Diabetes, a disease that alters the normal erection process by three mechanisms: arterial injury, neurological injury and hormonal alteration. Diabetes has associated complications that are also related to erectile dysfunction, such as hypertension or cholesterol, so it is very common for erectile dysfunction secondary to diabetes to appear.

Hormonal disorders, because an alteration in the generation of testosterone, the hormone responsible for increasing the libido of the man and allowing him to have a sexual desire, can make the man impotent. Also, high levels of the hormone prolactin, cortisol or thyroid hormones (hyperthyroidism) can also cause a decrease in testosterone and sexual desire. It is advisable to obtain medical advice for the administration of the necessary hormones.

Obesity, the result of the imbalance between calories ingested and those expended. Increased fat in the body predisposes hypertension, diabetes and others that affect the arteries. obese men are more likely than the normal population to have problems leading to erectile dysfunction

Neurological diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, spinal cord injury from surgery or trauma, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. These diseases alter the nerve pathways that conduct signals from the brain or marrow to the penis; if the brain does not receive the existence of that stimulation or receives it in the form of weak signals, it cannot respond to those signals with an erection order or sensation of pleasure. There are several solutions that can be suggested by a sexologist in Delhi, such as minimally invasive surgeries for implant placement.

Consumption of drugs that belong to the group that as a secondary reaction produce erectile dysfunction, among them are several of the antihypertensives, opioid analgesics, steroid hormones and antineoplastic drugs.

Psychological factors such as depression and anxiety. The first inhibits a person’s ability to enjoy the pleasures of life, which includes sexual pleasure; Anxiety disorders lead the body to a permanent state of alertness that does not allow it to focus on sexual intercourse and the activation of the mechanisms necessary to achieve an erection. It is necessary to go to a sex specialist in Delhi to start a process of full recovery.

The above are just a few causes of erectile dysfunction. For all it is possible to find the right solution and it is recommended at all times to go to a trusted sexologist doctor in Delhi.

In our sexologist clinic in Delhi we are specialists in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

We are widely discreet and efficient in diagnosing the multiple causes of erectile dysfunction and providing appropriate erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi. efficient, quality and cutting-edge medical services. We provide each of our patients with personalized care and treatments, based on international clinical practice guidelines to always guarantee an optimal experience.

Come with the best sexologist in Delhi! We are interested in hearing from you. Ask about our treatments for erectile dysfunction and recover your sex life today with all the security and discretion that only we know how to provide you.

Male Intimate Hygiene

Male Intimate Hygiene. What Do I Need To Know?

It is very common to find blogs, videos, lectures and even entire courses on feminine intimate hygiene.

However, it is very important not to forget that men also need special care with the hygiene of the penis to avoid discomforts such as bad smell and even diseases.

The lack of good intimate hygiene can lead the human being to develop several problems and in this sense it is important to say that the lack of adequate intimate hygiene can cause infections, diaper rash and even cancer.

And you, do you know what care you need to take with your penis regarding hygiene?

If you thought of common soap and water at bath time, know that this alone is far from what is necessary and you need to read this post to the end and reread whenever you have any doubts.

Male Intimate Hygiene, A Taboo…

The best sexologist in Delhi points out that each year about a thousand amputation surgeries are performed in India, in addition to almost 3 cases per 100,000 men suffers from penile tumors.

This number is very high and could be avoided through good intimate hygiene, combined with periodic visits to the sexologist.

Male intimate hygiene is considered a taboo, as girls are encouraged to take care of their genitals throughout their lives, but boys rarely receive this information.

As it is not something natural since childhood, it is not common to find men talking and exchanging information on the subject, as occurs in female conversation circles.

But do not worry! Sexologist in Delhi has put together everything you need to know about penis care.

Care In The Bathroom, Time To Urinate

The quick and practical way for men to use the bathroom, without having to sit on the toilet, often even dispensing with the bathroom, can lead to the individual’s negligence with male intimate hygiene, in the most basic care with the personal hygiene of the sexual organ.

Washing your hands after urinating is a social custom, as people greet each other by shaking hands or hugging each other, a very common custom in our country.

But, taking into account the hygienic care of the male’s sexual organ and excretory system, the act of washing your hands should precede the act of urinating, this makes you handle your penis cleanly, without risk of contamination by bacteria and fungi that can develop locally.

After urinating, it is not enough to shake the penis to clean it, the ideal would be that you use a piece of toilet paper to dry it, where you expel the urine, drying the entire glans.

It would also be much more hygienic to expose the glans during urination, pulling all the skin back when urinating.

By wiping your penis after the act with the paper, you completely drain the urine as waste and don’t expose your clothes to urine residue left over from your urination.

The feeling of comfort and hygiene is much greater.

Avoid bad smells too.

The Care In The Bath, When Washing

Many men wash their penises incorrectly.

The skin of the foreskin must be pulled back fully exposing the glans (head of the penis) for uncircumcised or operated on phimosis.

This exercise makes the penis fully exposed to running water and facilitates the use of soap, at this time you can use a specialized intimate soap.

It is important to use an intimate soap with a pH between 5 and 6 and to completely remove the residue of white secretion (smegma) in all the folds of the glans.

This wash is part of male intimate hygiene and should be done at least once a day during the bath, suggests sex specialist in Delhi.

The Phimosis

Phimosis is common in children and is nothing more than the accumulation of skin on the outside of the penis, more specifically over the glans.

This skin is also known as the foreskin, it must be exercised, exposing the glans until it normalizes in adolescence.

If the skin prevents exposing the glans of the penis, it may have other complications, such as pain when urinating, discomfort during sexual intercourse and even more serious reactions, such as infections.

If these problems occur, the sexologist doctor in Delhi should be consulted and, through specific tests, he will indicate the most appropriate treatment for the situation, which may vary only from the use of a steroid cream or even the removal of the foreskin or skin accumulation. through surgery.

Hygiene After Intercourse

After any sexual intercourse, the man must wash the sexual organ, to remove semen residues or any complements used for the act, such as oils, lubricating gel, intimate cream or even the lubricant from the condom itself.

This washing can be done separately, using a sink or through a bath, which is the most recommended for male intimate hygiene, after sexual intercourse.

It is essential for the health of the penis to use condoms to avoid contamination of possible sexually transmitted diseases.

Trimming Or Shaving Intimate Hair?

The ideal is to trim and not shave. The hair is important for the protection of the place and should not be completely removed, says sex doctor in Delhi.

Shaving or any type of total hair removal can cause small lesions on the skin and these can result in an accumulation of bacteria and fungi, causing infections, which can be carried to the penis.

The accumulation of hair can result in a bad smell and is also not an attractive factor in intimate hygiene.

The ideal for men’s intimate hygiene, then, is to trim and not leave it naturally or completely without.

Underwear, Tightness And How To Sleep, The “Penis Clothing”

Men should opt for cotton underwear.

Fabrics such as synthetics can make it difficult to sweat, causing sweat to build up, increasing the risk of infections and diseases in the penis.

Underwear should be changed after every bath and sexual intercourse, at least once a day.

Panties should not be too tight as they increase the pressure and temperature in the testicles and may be responsible for the change in sperm, warns top sexologist in Delhi.

There is no correct position to store the penis, just make it comfortable.

Avoid the accumulation of dirty underwear in the sixth. The ideal for male intimate hygiene is to wash immediately after use, as this can prevent the accumulation of secretions and contamination of other clothes.

Consequences Of Poor Hygiene On The Penis

The consequences of poor male intimate hygiene of the penis go far beyond a bad smell.

They can lead to organ diseases such as balanitis, caused by bacterial and fungal infections.

Its symptoms are heat at the site, itching, pain, redness, yellowish discharge and burning.

Another big problem is penile cancer, which starts with a blister on the foreskin, glans or shaft of the penis.

Surgery is the most common treatment.

However, radiotherapy and chemotherapy can also be indicated, reaching, in more serious cases, amputation of the penis.

Your Penis Deserves The Best

You probably don’t use shaving foam on your hair, or deodorant on your beard, right?

Each part of your body has a particularity and needs products designed exclusively for that region.

Have you ever used specific soap for the penis?

If your answer is no, I invite you to a different experience.

There are several soaps for male intimate hygiene, for use in the genital area, taking care of your penis perfectly.

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sexual health

How to keep your sexual health up to date

Sexuality is a healthy practice with relevance legitimized by the World Health Organization (WHO), which recognizes sexual health as one of the pillars of quality of life.

Characterized by sexual intercourse, eroticism, pleasure and orientation, sexuality is manifested through thoughts, fantasies, desires and behaviors and is influenced by several factors.

The health benefits of sexual practice are not linked to the number of times a person has sex in a week or month. According to sexologist in Delhi, sexual health has much more to do with pleasure and the quality of the relationship.

The benefits of sexual health

relieves the pain

During sexual intercourse, various hormones and neurotransmitters are produced by the brain. One of them is endorphin, one of the neurohormones responsible for the feeling of pleasure and well-being. Endorphins minimize the effects of chronic and acute pain. The best sexologist in Delhi also speculates that orgasm (the point where this hormone is released in greater amounts) can prolong the natural anesthetic effects for days.

Protects the cardiovascular system

The sexual act raises the heart rate to a level similar to that of moderate physical activity. Regular sexual practice combined with physical exercise helps to reduce the incidence of heart attacks and stroke. Practicing sexual activities also helps to control blood pressure.

improves sleep

After the sexual act, especially after orgasm, both the male and female organism emit a very high amount of neurotransmitters that promote physical and mental relaxation. Caused especially by prolactin, feelings of well-being and drowsiness can occur immediately and promote a more relaxing and restful sleep period.

Combats anxiety and stress

One more benefit of the hormones that are released by the brain during sexual intercourse is the fight against stress and other precursors to mental disorders. In addition, self-esteem also thanks you! Sexologist in Delhi explains that both self-esteem plays a key role in sexual performance, and the opposite is also true. Having sex with a healthy frequency helps to improve self-esteem and promotes a sense of personal well-being.

Strengthens the immune system

Healthy sexual practice also increases immunoglobulin A levels in the blood by up to 30%, stimulating the immune system and helping to fight infections.

Tips for a healthy sex life

To take advantage of all these sexual health benefits, which go far beyond pleasure, practices and relationships must also be healthy. Health and relationship problems have a direct impact on relationships and end up harming not only sex but also the physical and mental health of both partners.

Talk to partner

Don’t be afraid to talk to your partner about your relationship. Dialogue and good communication are the key to success for any type of relationship. Don’t be afraid to expose your ideas, make it clear what you think, what you would like to test and discover and, above all, listen to what the other has to say. Sometimes, you end up discovering that you both have many curiosities in common, and nothing is more delicious and healthier than sharing these similarities and discovering new possibilities within the relationship.

Eat well

Food plays a key role in sexual intercourse. Not only giving you energy to play your role well under the sheets, but also with foods that can sharpen your and your partner’s sexual stimuli.

Foods rich in good fats such as avocado, oilseeds and fish, for example, improve blood circulation and provide a longer lasting erection. Protein-rich foods improve testosterone production, increasing libido in both men and women and stimulating sexual appetite.

Practice physical exercises

Physical activity is one of the essential practices of good health. With regard to sex, in addition to enhancing your performance, regular exercise stimulates the production of pheromones and sex hormones. This usually makes you more attractive to your partner. At the same time, the tendency is for you to feel more pleasure in relationships.

Consult an expert

For everything in life, especially health, talking to an expert on the subject makes all the difference. Consulting with a sex doctor in Delhi helps you to better understand your body and receive important tips about your sexual health. If you have any type of health problem, such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or difficulty reaching orgasm, consultations with sex specialist in Delhi will improve your sex life.

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when to consult sexologist

Sexologist – A Specialist For Healthy Relationship

Sexology occupies an important place among the sciences that deal with the relationship between opposite sexes. Among the areas that sexology deals with, it is necessary to attribute not only violations of “normal” sexual life, but also sexual deviations. The representative of this scientific discipline is the sexologist. A sexologist is a doctor who struggles with people’s sexual disorders and tries to save them from many problems.

Sexology is a discipline that can characterize a person’s normal sex life, as well as investigate sexual habits. In fact, a sexologist can not only understand the problems of a sexual nature, but also help people feel the taste of life.

In order for us to be good experts in this subject, attention should be paid to related disciplines such as biology, pedagogy, statistics, sociology, psychology and in some cases forensic medicine.

The sexologist in Delhi knows about the relationship between a man and a woman, their sexuality and intimate life. In addition, it should take care of sexual pathology in which same-sex contacts or child abuse can also be seen as a sexual obsession.

It is the task of a sexologist not to impose certain stereotypes or norms, but to find the reason for the development of deviations in human behavior. In the future, it is necessary to make a plan to correct sexual pathology and gradually remove a person from a pathological state.

When should I go to a sexologist?

Do you know when to see a sexologist? Therefore, it should be understood that this specialist deals with a number of issues related to the sexual life of people. It can solve many problems related to both psychology and medicine. In fact, this is a broad profiler. So, when should you meet him?

In fact, the reasons for him coming to the reception can be many. The first issue concerns the disappearance of sexual desire, in which case the specialist tries to find out the cause and poses the problem based on these agreements. Also, young people are not rare guests of a sexologist. After all, the younger generation has to wisely explain all the intricacies of life’s sexualities so that there are no problems in the future.

Men should pay attention to the appearance of certain clinical signs that indicate the beginning of the development of violations in the sexual sphere. So, if there is no desire to have sexual intercourse and attraction to the opposite sex, if there is a violation or delay in ejaculation, the absence of emission or the appearance of a sluggish erection, it is necessary to seek help from the best sexologist in Delhi.

Also, orgasmic senility, post-coital headache or dysphoria, priapism, or discomfort during masturbation are possible.

When should I go to a sexologist in the female part of the population? Women with an underdeveloped reproductive apparatus may lack excitement or pleasure, which is most common after past or miscarriage infectious diseases.

Also, do not forget about congenital pathology, which causes an obstruction in the genital area. The introduction of the vagina, spasm, which provokes a tonic contractions of the uterus during sexual intercourse, masturbation of the vaginal muscles and thighs, accompanied by a feeling of pain, which can prevent complete relaxation and satisfaction. Most often this condition occurs at a young age without sexual experience.

As painful sensations, uncomfortable during sexual intercourse in the presence of acute or chronic inflammatory pathology of the cervix, vagina, nature, as well as tumor cancer can be in the appendix.

In addition, the sex specialist in Delhi is competent to understand the issues of sexual relations between a man and a woman. Frigidity, potency problems, lack of erection and even orgasm, all these can solve sexologists. In all these cases, and this specialist was sent for help.

What does a sexologist do?

It is necessary to understand what a sexologist does and when to contact him. The main task of a sexologist doctor in Delhi is to help people who experience any discomfort or change in their sex life. In practice, a doctor often takes on the duties of a sexologist and sex therapist.

In fact, in both cases the problems are pretty much the same developmental nature. Having deep knowledge in most of the related sciences, the sexologist can determine the true cause of sexual pathology and gradually get rid of it. Problems may be related to intimate life, family relationships between people, and the influence of environmental factors on sexual activity.

The tasks of the sex doctor in Delhi is to treat the disorders in the sexual sphere, to restore harmony and to correct the relations between spouses in intimate and daily life. Also, the sexologist plays an auxiliary role in the formation of a young couple as a unit of society. This is also true for couples who want to try to have a serious relationship again after a failed attempt in the past.

This sex specialist doctor in Delhi deals with all gender issues that can arise between a man and a woman. Therefore, he approaches some questions from the side of psychology, in fact, similar phenomena do not arise in this way. Naturally, there are also problems that need to be treated, and these do not apply to psychology. In addition to understanding the problems, this specialist should be able to help people competently. He must understand disciplines such as sociology, psychology, and even medicine.

The sexologist is a specialist in a wide field, many sciences should give him. Helping people in sexual matters is not that easy. He must accurately diagnose and know ways to resolve the situation. After all, thanks to these experts you can save your family. Therefore, such a doctor should have all the qualities of a psychologist. But besides solving psychological problems, he also deals with a number of other topics, which will be discussed in the next paragraph.

What diseases are treated by a sexologist?

So, what diseases are treated by a sexologist and when to treat him? First of all, this specialist is dealt with when the sexual desire disappears. And his constant partner and in general can disappear. This question can solve the sexologist in Noida. In addition, a specialist is consulted for the elimination of homosexuality, erectile dysfunction, lack of orgasm and coldness. It’s all about non-psychological problems.

In addition, the best sexologist in Delhi deals with issues related to the constant winding of the situation. So, most of the time people have problems because of the worry that everything will go wrong. In this case, it is necessary to consider the issue only from the point of view of psychology. At the same time, people cannot have a sexual life during pregnancy. It helps to understand this expert in this matter. Most often, a man has problems on this background, so it would be wise to explain the whole situation to the person and assure that everything is normal. Also, adolescents require certain counseling before starting their sex life. Naturally, it is difficult to persuade children to visit a sexologist, but this can really save a lot of problems. In general, the scope of the work of the sexologist is very wide.

The male and female part of the population may become a patient of a sexologist due to the wide field of activity that covers both psychological disorders and organ pathology. What diseases are treated by a sexologist?

In women, it is often possible to observe painful sensations at the beginning or during the course of sexual intercourse, caused by inflammatory foci in the organs of the reproductive system in the chronic stage. It is also possible to reduce sexual attraction to the opposite sex due to hormonal changes in the body.

What diseases in men are treated by a sexologist? 

From the pathology of the reproductive organs, inflammatory processes in the prostate gland, urethra, colliculitis, orchitis and epididymitis should be distinguished. As a result of a violation of local circulation, gangrene of the penis or scrotum may develop.

In the case of a sexually transmitted infection, the disease can be detected in both partners. For example, syphilis, herpes, gonorrhea, AIDS, trichomonas and fungal infection of the urino-genital organs.

In the case of long-term inflammatory diseases, there may be problems in the sexual sphere, such as decreased potency or rapid ejaculation.

Recommendations of a sexologist

If sex life does not bring much pleasure, the sooner it is, then it is worth listening to the following recommendations:

  1. Both partners should relax as much as possible. This can be achieved with the help of a particular situation. In addition, that a man should prepare a woman for sexual intercourse, he should prepare it. This requires attention to caresses and words, after which it will “tune” to the right wave.
  2. Women need to love their bodies so they are more relaxed and ready to orgasm. For this purpose, you can also use sex toys, with which a woman can relax and understand what she needs.
  3. The advice of a sexologist doctor recommends that you spend more time on the sexual part of life, because more often there is not enough time. It is also useful to diversify with your imagination, maybe choosing another pose will be a solution to the icing.
  4. The most important thing is to listen to your body and talk about intimate life with your partner. Thus, you can learn more about the preferences of tomorrow and not only give your partner maximum pleasure, but also learn new feelings.

Sexologist – it is the doctor who can remove these complexes and give the opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest.

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hygiene after sex

Hygiene after sex: what to consider?

Hygiene after sexual encounters is essential to prevent infections. In addition, it allows you to fully enjoy intimate encounters. What must be considered?

Hygiene after sex is a fundamental aspect that many couples must consider in order to avoid certain infections. The latter, although more common in women, can also affect men.

However, women can often develop cervical-vaginal diseases, since poor hygiene after the intimate encounter is one of the triggering factors.

So what to do to improve it? What are the hygiene habits that should be considered after having sexual intercourse? In this opportunity sexologist in Delhi explains everything in detail about it.

General hygiene recommendations

In a large number of cases, genital infections have their origin in poor hygiene practices. Bacteria, viruses and fungi can easily attack when there is not adequate cleaning. Therefore, in general, the following is recommended by sexologist doctor in Delhi:

  • Take a bath before and after sexual intercourse.
  • Daily changes of underwear.
  • Avoid sexual intercourse if you have any genital infection.
  • Avoid having multiple sexual partners.

But, in addition to these recommendations, there are also other points that should be considered. In the following sections the best sexologist in Delhi addresses them in more detail.

Hygiene after sex: key points

One of the key points for good hygiene after sex is to urinate, as this helps eliminate bacteria that may be present during sexual contact. Similarly, Sex specialist in Delhi recommends to drink enough water, since this, in addition to hydrating the body, helps to urinate more frequently.

Urination can help eliminate bacteria found in a woman’s urinary tract, thereby reducing the risk of cystitis. Of course, it is not about drinking liquids in excessive amounts either because it can be harmful.

In the case of men, urinating can help prevent sexually transmitted urethritis, caused by the same contact.

Other recommendations for hygiene after sex

  • It is suggested to wash the hands, the face or any other part of the body that, in addition to the genitals, may have been in contact with the sexual organs.
  • Use a specific soap for the intimate area.
  • Use moisturizing gels in the intimate area.
  • If you use soap, it must be neutral to avoid irritation.
  • Avoid excessive washing with products that can be harmful to the intimate area, such as body gels that are not specific for the genital area. These alter the pH of the vaginal area and can cause dryness and other injuries.
  • Use underwear with cotton fabrics, and avoid those that are synthetic or very tight, since they produce more sweating, and this alters the vaginal microbiota.
  • Similarly, sex doctor in Delhi advises to have a balanced and healthy diet.
  • Have good sleep hygiene, as this also affects sexual health.

Hygiene after sex: what else should be considered?

Apart from the previous suggestions by sexologist in Delhi, it is important to remember that, in the case of women, it is not advisable to have sexual relations if there is no good stimulation.

Without good lubrication, injury to the genital mucosa is possible. In the case of dryness, lubricants can be used. However, it is convenient to choose mild formulas, free of irritating components.

In general, following these guidelines for hygiene after sex allows you to enjoy a full and safe sexuality. Despite this, it is always good to request a gynecological check-up, since the professional will be able to determine if there are infections or if specific guidelines are necessary to care for the intimate area.

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erectile dysfunction solution



We define erectile dysfunction as the inability to achieve or maintain an erection firm enough for satisfactory sexual intercourse. Dr. P K Gupta, Best Sexologist in Delhi, explained that “there are various origins that enhance these episodes, such as sedentary lifestyle, stress, low testosterone, etc.”. What is clear is that if you suffer from these episodes, there is a reason behind it.

Erectile dysfunction is not only a sexual health problem, it can also be a symptom of other undiagnosed diseases such as metabolic or cardiovascular diseases.

Other studies carried out in several countries conclude that erectile dysfunction affects more than 50% of men over 40 years of age.


Erectile dysfunction has a solution, depending on the symptoms and the origin of the problem that is causing it.

According to sexologist in Delhi, more than 50% of men over 40 years of age are affected by erectile dysfunction.

As we have already mentioned on other occasions, after a certain age testosterone levels decrease and this triggers a series of symptoms. Among them are several problems of a sexual nature such as:

  • decreased libido
  • difficulty maintaining erections or loss of erections

The most striking thing, however, is the fact that more than 80% of Indians accept this gradual loss of quality of sexual life as normal, opting to resign themselves to it.

And what’s more (and probably worse): the majority of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction caused by low testosterone (or hypogonadism), never get treated because they don’t know the real cause, says sexologist doctor in Delhi.


The most frequent causes of erectile dysfunction or sexual impotence are usually related to low levels of the hormone testosterone, but there are other relevant factors that can place someone in a predisposition to suffer from impotence:

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Hypertension
  • Drugs
  • Diabetes
  • Psychological factors
  • Hormonal imbalances or deficits


Fortunately, and contrary to what some of the affected men think; There is no reason to resign yourself to a situation of impotence. Erectile dysfunction has a solution and is available to all men.

Recent medical studies show that if testosterone deficiency is causing sexual symptoms, these symptoms should be alleviated with hormone replacement therapy.

When erectile dysfunction is caused by a testosterone deficiency, replacement therapy is the solution. The rest of the treatments (shock waves, pills, etc.) will not attack the root of the problem, so they will only serve as a palliative, without ever solving the original problem: the hormonal deficit, says sexologist in Noida.


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7 things that happen to you when you are no longer happy in your relationship

Communication is key in a couple. If you don’t have the confidence to tell each other your problems and what ails you, it is possible that the spark has already gone out.

Having a partner relationship can make us feel complete and motivated to face each of the challenges that life throws at us on a daily basis. That as long as that “spark” of love and passion so noticeable during the first months together is preserved.

However, time sometimes plays against it and, even more so, when both fall into monotony and do nothing to get out of it. For this reason, today many couples are not able to understand each other and end up failing over and over again without understanding that they are no longer happy in their relationship, says sexologist in Delhi.

Enduring a relationship when you are no longer happy with your partner is very complicated and, if you do not pay attention to it, it can give rise to emotions that will prevent you from enjoying life and love, as it is supposed to be.

There are attitudes and feelings that become noticeable when, for some reason, you are no longer happy as a couple. It is very important to know them, since they are the ones that invite you to make a final decision or to do something to revive love. You identify?

  1. There is no physical or emotional connection in your relationship.

Is it hard for you to connect like before? Have the signs of affection been lost? Don’t you feel the same physical desire as before? That these kinds of things are happening can be clear signs that a relationship is weak and exhausted.

The loss of physical and emotional connection, even in those intimate moments, shows that the couple is no longer happy.

  1. You compare with the past

All couples must accept that their first days or months together were the best. It is more likely that then the flame of passion was lit and that there were details of the conquest.

Pretending that everything will be like this forever is very difficult. Somehow, the relationship enters a comfort zone. You can only get out of there by deciding to do something different.

Making comparisons with what your partner once was and yearning for everything to go back to the way it was in the beginning is telling you that you are not happy now. You could be needing more attention from the person you love.

  1. You want your partner to change

Pretending that a person changes his way of being and conforms to what we expect him to be is a serious mistake. This is an attitude that can significantly wear down the relationship.

If that’s how you fell in love, why do you want to change it now? If it is unavoidable, it is very likely that the happiness of both is elsewhere.

  1. There is little communication in your relationship

Losing the desire and confidence to talk is almost a sentence for the failure of the couple. Communication is one of the keys to having a healthy and happy relationship. Loss of communication can lead to many relationship problems, warns best sexologist in Delhi.

Do you no longer feel comfortable telling him your things? Do you see each other and hardly speak? Do you find it boring? The positive answer to these questions is another sign that may indicate that you are not happy with that person.

  1. Everything he says and does annoys you

It doesn’t matter if what you say or do is with a good intention. It irritates you and you can end up getting very angry. That this happens is not good and can end very badly. If you don’t agree with their ideals either, it’s time to consider what you want for your life. Maybe it is that you are no longer happy with your partner and they need a change.

  1. You avoid it very often

He calls you, asks you out, or in short, he looks for any excuse to see you, but you look for a stronger excuse not to go to that meeting.

Losing interest in being together and preferring to do other activities, such as spending time with friends, watching television or being alone, can be considered a clear sign of the unhappiness you feel around them.

  1. You are not interested in improving your relationship

When the relationship is bad and everything indicates that there is unhappiness, there are two things to do: close that chapter or fight to revive it. This option requires working to find again that force that maintains the link.

Not feeling like fighting, making too little effort, or not reciprocating what your partner does to make it better can be a sign to end the relationship.

Signs that you are happy with your partner

Contrary to the situations mentioned above, positive attitudes such as acknowledging the achievements of the couple and sharing feelings and pleasant moments, not only can help recover a relationship, but are also a clear indication that there is something worth fighting for.

Finally, a positive attitude is also considered essential. In any case, if you notice that the relationship needs external help, do not hesitate to consult a sex specialist in Delhi. This will be able to provide you with the strategies to resume happiness in the relationship if possible.

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The sexual myths that must be dismantled to enjoy more in bed

Sex education is increasingly attached to the center of social debate. Even today, issues around sex are still stigmatized. In the vacuum produced by the lack of teaching about sexual practice, myths arise that are the ones that govern many of the errors that do not allow us to enjoy in bed, or simply know if we are doing it or not. The best sexologist in Delhi Dr P K Gupta has set out to dismantle some of these myths:

The kind of porn you watch is what you want in bed

This is the first myth Dr P K Gupta wants to bury. If sex education barely exists in educational programs, pornography reaches young people more and more sooner. Dr Gupta reminds that “it is designed for your entertainment and pleasure; it is not an instructional video.” Also, ensure that your sexual orientation is not governed by what you see on these pages. “It is common for heterosexual women to view lesbian pornography.” The reason: heterosexual pornography “is designed to attract and stimulate the owner of a penis,” as this sexologist in Delhi points out. While, contrary to this, lesbian pornography revolves around the vulva.

If women do not lubricate, they are not aroused

Another myth built from the equidistance of men to women. “A woman can be completely aroused, but not wet,” says Dr P K Gupta. In fact, the reasons why this does not happen are multiple, and many have to do with minor medical causes. From the menstrual cycle to estrogen levels… It is normal that a woman is not always lubricated when aroused. In addition, for these moments it never hurts to have a lubricant stored in a drawer at hand (for these and for any sexual moment). However, the sex specialist in Delhi warns that “if this happens continuously and causes pain during sexual intercourse or challenges in your sexual life, consult your gynecologist.”

If there is no orgasm, there is no good sex

“An orgasm is just an asset, not the goal,” Dr Gupta reiterates. The orgasm remains the clearest mirror that the ways in which couples are structured, like knots in the social structure itself, often lack a conscience built on respect and care. Social problems are transversal to these knots that are couples, and as a consequence in sex, the female orgasm has been silenced for centuries. Many women feel pressured to have an orgasm to show their partner that they are enjoying the sexy experience, or are simply faking it, over and over again. “This pressure increases anxiety and takes the focus away from the sensations in your body and triggers negative thoughts “, says the top sexologist in Delhi. In the end, the pressure apprehended to have an orgasm reduces the likelihood of having it. Recalls Dr Gupta: “An orgasm does not mean that sex is good. But if you have one … enjoy it. Pleasure is what makes sex good. ”

All orgasms are like an explosion

Another myth that the pornographic industry generates is the consideration that an orgasm has an echo. If the knowledge about everything that sexual practices entail arises from the projection on those who are there, on the other side of the screen, being recorded and without affective ties that symbolically unite their bodies while practicing the sex you contemplate, whatever they do or say it is the only possible option. But the truth is that there are many different types of orgasms: clitoral, vaginal, anal, erogenous, combo … and a long etcetera, recalls Dr Gupta. Everyone is different and feels differently.

The bigger the penis, the better the sex

Nobody is good at this kind of competition. No person with a penis depends on it. Life is much longer than the measurements of your genitals. As the sexologist in Delhi adds, “it’s not about size, it’s about how it’s used.” Having this clear, now it only remains to explore the infinite possibilities between positions and ways to stimulate yourself and your sexual partner.

“Sex is both a mental and a physical act,” emphasizes the best sexologist in Delhi, who recalls the importance and necessity of an education that contemplates human nature in its entirety. As Dr P K Gupta says: “Challenge the myths you’ve heard, continue educating yourself about your body, and make sex talk a routine. Define your sex life based on what is ultimately pleasurable.”

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Short Sex. Treatment Of Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation of the semen is a male sexual disorder, which usually occurs before the age of forty years. By this definition is meant medical eruption seed before sexual intercourse or after its onset in a very short time. Of course, such a situation can not satisfy both partners.

Premature ejaculation treatment is not necessary, as it rarely happens. In this case, no need to worry. But if it happens on a regular basis and at the same time there is pain in ejaculation – one should seek help from sexologist in Delhi, because it is threatening functional sexual disorders.

Early ejaculation of sperms are divided into two groups: the basic and continuous. The first subgroup includes men whose manifestation manifests itself since the onset of sexual activity. This can be due to all the major fears, excessive nausea, stress, etc.

The second subgroup includes men with acquired functional disorder of this type. As a rule, that kind of disorder develops in those of the boys who were originally supposed to control the ejaculation process. This pathology, which is the result of inflammatory processes in the genital organs. For example, inflammation of the prostate or urethra. The fact that this type of disease increases the sensitivity of the genitals, which inevitably leads to rapid ejaculation, says sexologist doctor in Delhi.

Before you learn how to get rid of premature ejaculation, let’s look at the causes of this phenomenon. Earlier eruption sperm does not become a biological disease, but rather a problem of a purely psychic nature. Dissatisfaction Intimate contact with premature ejaculation usually becomes the main cause of the mental disorders. Man fixates on himself, trying to make the final process. If ejaculation occurs before the onset of sexual union, there is a problem with fertilization, which leads to artificial insemination.

Premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi is based on full, comprehensive research to identify and determine the cause of the disorder. Currently, there are many techniques & treatment available for premature ejaculation, that do not have negative consequences.

To intimate life brought complete satisfaction, sometimes very effective treatment. Of course, all cases of early ejaculation of the semen cannot be called a rapid, because the cause could be a woman (clitoral orgasm, frigidity, lack of pleasure of coital penetration, etc.).

Premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi may be different. First, let’s try the methods taken from life, the best sexologist in Delhi explains the method that could achieve unique results.

How to get rid of rapid ejaculation:

  • To block the eruption seed pinched the penis in the area bridle location. This can create as a partner and his partner. Preferably, a woman should be in the top position.
  • When a man is ready to ejaculate, he “comes out” of women, so for a while, interrupting intercourse. This action lowers the level of excitation. After some time, the Law goes up.
  • Deep breathing helps. The mule rupture is in motion affecting the vagus nerve, thereby hindering the process of ejaculation.

Sex specialist in Delhi prescribe new drug that is clinically tested – “DAPOXETINE”, which can not only cure the previous eruption, but also increase the duration of sexual intercourse is almost three (3.5) times! This component is incorporated in the market new medicines from well-known pharmaceutical companies.