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बिना अंडे उबाले झटपट बनाये अंडा बिरयानी | Unique Egg Biryani |  Bachelors Recipe | Quick Egg Biryani

बिना अंडे उबाले झटपट बनाये अंडा बिरयानी | Unique Egg Biryani | Bachelors Recipe | Quick Egg Biryani

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पवनमुक्तासन योग (Pawanmuktasana) करने की विधि, लाभ और सावधानी | Swami Ramdev

पवनमुक्तासन योग (Pawanmuktasana) करने की विधि, लाभ और सावधानी | Swami Ramdev

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Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra in Lucknow: Rahul Gandhi Targets BJP on ‘Unemployment’, ‘Hate’, Repeats Caste Census Vow

Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra in Lucknow: Rahul Gandhi Targets BJP on ‘Unemployment’, ‘Hate’, Repeats Caste Census Vow

Rahul said he was overwhelmed by the love and support the people of Lucknow showered on him. Pic/News18

The yatra that started from Manipur’s Thoubal on January 14 will conclude in Mumbai on March 20, covering over 6,700 kilometres and traversing through 110 districts

Riding a bright red open-air jeep on the 38th day of his Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and his entourage reached Uttar Pradesh’s capital Lucknow on Tuesday. It was the yatra’s fifth day in the state.

Hundreds of people gathered along the roads to catch a glimpse of the Congress MP. The yatra that started from Manipur’s Thoubal on January 14 will conclude in Mumbai on March 20, covering over 6,700 kilometres and traversing through 110 districts. Prior to addressing a rally at Lucknow’s Ghanta Ghar, the old city area of the state capital, Rahul’s cavalcade stopped at several points where people greeted him in large numbers.

“Nafrat ke bazar mein mohabbat ki dukaan kholne nikle hain,” said the Congress leader, reiterating the aim behind the yatra while addressing the gathering at Lucknow’s Ghanta Ghar area late on Tuesday evening.

Rahul said he was overwhelmed by the love and support the people of Lucknow showered on him. “India is the country of love and peace. Last year we covered around 4,000 km from Kashmir to Kanyakumari to unite the country and to spread communal harmony. Though our yatra was much appreciated, some people pointed out that I should also visit UP, Bihar, Assam, Odisha, Jharkhand, and other states that I missed. So we embarked upon another yatra – Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra – covering Manipur to Maharashtra,” the Congress leader said.

While recounting his experiences from the first yatra, the Congress MP said he asked many “the reason behind the hatred being spread in the country”. “The answer was one–in this country people from the downtrodden groups can’t get justice, it is only meant for the higher class. The biggest injustice is financial injustice, which is being done to eradicate small traders,” he said.

The Congress leader pointed to incidents of exam question paper leak in UP, which he said were spoiling the future of many youths from the disadvantaged sections of society. He also highlighted the problem of unemployment, which he said is a major issue in the state, and also criticised the new Agnipath scheme for recruitment in the armed forces.

Rahul Gandhi said that if his party comes to power after the soon-to-be-held Lok Sabha elections, it would swiftly carry out the caste census, which is the only way to find out the social status of people belonging to the backward sections.

“It’s been six years since we last got paid. Rahul Gandhi ji is our only hope and it is the sole reason why we all are here to extend our support to him,” said Pankaj Mishra, a madarsa teacher, who had come from UP’s Shravasti district to meet Rahul Gandhi at KKC, a place where his yatra halted for a while after entering Lucknow. It paused again at Telibagh Crossing when a youngster requested the Congress leader for a selfie.

On Monday, the Congress leader reached Amethi with his Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra, where he addressed a rally and took potshots at the BJP government on several burning issues, including caste discrimination, unemployment, etc.

Rahul Gandhi, who received a warm response from Congress cadres and the common people at several places in Amethi, also reiterated the promises of guaranteed MSP for farmers and caste census.

Amethi was a Congress stronghold in Uttar Pradesh until Rahul Gandhi lost the Lok Sabha seat to BJP leader and union minister Smriti Irani by a margin of around 55,000 votes in the 2019 elections.

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Mumbai Veg Grill Sandwich | Without Grill Machine | Sandwich Masala & Chutney | Chef Sanjyot Keer

Mumbai Veg Grill Sandwich | Without Grill Machine | Sandwich Masala & Chutney | Chef Sanjyot Keer

Full written recipe for Grill sandwich

Prep time: 15-20 minutes
Cooking time: 5-7 minutes
Serves: 3-4 people

Special sandwich masala
Whole spices
Jeera (cumin seeds) 2 tbsp
Cloves 1 tsp
Peppercorns 1 tbsp
Fennel seeds 1 tbsp
Powdered spices
Amchur powder 1 tbsp
Anardana powder 1 tbsp
Ginger powder ½ tsp
Hing ½ tsp
Black salt 1 tbsp
Salt 4 tbsp
Set a pan on medium heat, add the whole spice, dry roast them until fragrant, take it off from the gas and allow it to cool down.
Transfer the roasted spices to a grinding jar, further add the powdered spices and salt, grind it well into a fine powder.
Your special sandwich masala is ready, use it accordingly and store it in an airtight container in a cool and dry place.
Please do make this masala to give your sandwich it’s distinct flavour, as the vegetables are bland in taste and this special sandwich masala has more of salt content which balances the flavour, if you do not wish to stretch the process of making this you can simply add 2 parts of chaat masala and 1 part of salt, this will do the work.

For making special spicy sandwich chutney
Fresh Coriander leaves 1 big bunch
Spinach 6-7 leaves (blanched)
Green chillies 10-12 nos.
Garlic 5-6 cloves
Fresh Curry leaves 10-12 nos.
Sandwich masala ½ tsp
Salt to taste
Roasted chana dal 1 tbsp
Ice cubes
Wash the coriander leaves well and transfer it to the grinding jar, you can also choose to use coriander stems as they too are full of flavours, add the remaining ingredients, grind well into a fine paste.
Make sure the chutney should be thick enough to apply on the bread. Your chutney is ready to be used as a spread on your sandwich, you can also store it in an airtight container and refrigerate it for couple of days.
You must have noticed the quantity of chillies used is too much for making this special spicy sandwich chutney, but this gives the special character to the sandwich, reason being, there’s lot of moisture in the chutney so the chefs and the street vendors just apply it little bit so the sandwich gets its spicy taste and they don’t have to apply too much which apparently makes the bread soggy.
Tip: street vendors use breadcrumbs to thicken the chutney, but as we are making this back at home chana dal is a perfect substitute to thicken the chutney. If you wish to add breads to it, you can add one bread slice to make it thick.

For sandwich special garlic chutney
Kashmiri red chillies 8-10 nos. (soaked)
Spicy red chillies 8-10 nos. (soaked)
Garlic 8-10 cloves
Jeera powder 1 tsp
Black salt ½ tsp
Salt to taste
Lemon juice of 1 lemon
Water as required
Add all the ingredients in a grinding jar and grind to a fine paste, adjust the consistency by adding water, make sure the consistency is not too thin as the bread will absorb the moisture while applying over it and eventually make the sandwich soggy.
If in case the chutney becomes thin just add few pieces of bread slice and it’ll be thick in texture. Keep aside in the fridge until you apply for making sandwich.

Assembly for making grilled sandwich
Sandwich bread slices
Soft Butter
Sandwich special green chutney
Sandwich special red garlic chutney
Sandwich special masala
Potatoes (boiled)
Firstly, before assembling or making the sandwich, finely chop the onions & capsicum & thinly slice the tomatoes.
I’m using triangle bread for making the typical street style grilled sandwich, you can choose to use simple bread available, start by applying butter on one side of the bread slice, further apply green chutney, now grate 1 medium size boiled potato over the bread slice, sprinkle some sandwich masala add some chopped onions & some more sandwich masala, now, take another bread slice, apply butter on both the sides and apply green chutney on one side and red chutney on other side, place the green chutney side facing the onion side, place the tomato slices over the red garlic chutney side & sprinkle some sandwich masala, add some chopped capsicum and sprinkle some more sandwich masala, grate some processed cheese over it and apply butter and green chutney on another bread slice, close it to make sandwich.
Heat the griller or a grill pan until its hot, apply butter on the sandwich and grill on both the sides until the grill marks appear and its golden brown in colour.
You can tweak the addition of the ingredients as per your preference and can also grill on normal pan.
Serve hot with, ketchup, green chutney or red garlic chutney and some potato chips on side.

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Himachal Pradesh is as scenic as it gets. There is a reason why so many of our domestic vacations begin and end with Himachal Pradesh in mind! While everyone is aware about the beauty of Manali and the old-world charm of Shimla – we, at DoW pride ourselves in introducing you to the lesser known wonderlands hidden in plain sight. One such beauty lies in the unassuming village of Gushaini!

Tirthan, Banjar and Sainj Valleys are some of the most unknown, unexplored regions that are well connected by a road network. The beginning of Great Himalayan National park sees these valleys dotted around. Over the course of the coming articles, I will introduce you to this charming region of the hills.

Gushaini, Tirthan

About Gushaini

The big entrance to the Great Himalayan National Park lies this quaint little town of Gushaini. Literally 10 KMs from the big mammoth National Park, Gushaini lies at an elevation of 4500 ft. With natural groves of the hills, the captivating aura of the Tirthan river is only catapulted further by the lush green Himalayas all around. If Parvati valley is stunning for its magnanamous and very alive Parvati River, then Tirthan Valley is calm, cool and collected like the river that flows through it too! So calm, so tranquil – you’ll soon be in a trance like no other. The river is also the home of the epic Himalayan Trouts, which is why this valley is often nicknamed as the Trout Country!

Most people heading on treks in to the Great Himalayan National Park are well aware of Gushaini. The town itself offers a host of activities from fishing and angling to river crossing, rappelling, hiking, camping – you can do it all here. Or, if you prefer- you can choose to do aboslutely nothing, nada, zilch and still get the most of your adventure! Such is the charm of this tiny town.


Akin to the region, the weather is pretty synonymous with most of the Himalayas. Summer months are pleasant, winter months are a magical wonderland and monsoon season is best avoided! If you’re looking for enjoying the lush green hills – head to Gushaini right after the monsoon season. Best months for sightseeing are April – September (minus the monsoon period, of course!)

Best time to visit

Unlike other places in the region, Gushaini makes for a perfect visit in the winter season. With the hills covered in a white blanket and the beautiful trees just poking through – there is nothing more calming than views here. Also, you can embark on many a trails for the winter and enjoy the region to its full glory.

How to get there

The most common way of getting to Gushaini is by road. I suggest taking the Delhi – Manali route. You can also choose to travel via Shimla side –though the route is longer. However you may also take the comfort of Air or rail transport. Details as below –

By Air

While Bhuntar airport is situated only 50 KMs from Gushaini, I suggest you take a flight to Chandigarh. I say this because Chandigarh is pretty well connected from the rest of India and you can commence the road journey through a lot of beautiful scenery!

By Rail

Chandigarh is the closest and most connected railway station, at about 250 Kms distance. From here, you can hire a cab, go for self drive or even take a bus to reach your destination!

Raju Bharti Guest House Gushaini
Raju Bharti Guest House Gushaini

By Road

Delhi – Sonipat – Karnal – Chandigarh – Swarghat – Bilaspur – Sundernagar – Mandi – Larji – Banjar – Gushaini

The total driving distance is about 500 KMs from Delhi and will take you about 12 hours to cover. The route remains the same as when you’re heading to Manali up to Mandi. Post Mandi, you will cover a distance of 38 KMs and instead of heading into the Aut Tunnel, you will take the road towards the tiny settlement of Larji. The drive towards Gushaini is pleasant, and along the river – leading you to the small settlement of Gushaini.

If you’re travelling from Shimla – it will become a 2 day long journey taking you over 20 hours to cover. This is only because a major portion of your route will be traverssing the narrow and winding roads of hills for a longer duration! You can break your trip up and have a pleasant stay at Narkanda before commencing again in the morning for your destination. From Narkanda, Gushaini is about 2.5 houts away and youi’ll cover a distance of approximately 73 KMs.

It should be noted here that in the winter months, you can only reach Gushaini via Mandi route as the Shimla route through Jalori Pass remains closed.

Local Commute

I suggest skipping the Shimla route and heading to Mandi as it is an easier journey. Take a bus from aut tunnel which will cost you about INR 60. The bus willl be heading to Banjar and takes about anhour to reach.

In terms of the village itself – I suggest using your feet. Gushaini is stunning and best explored by walking around and enjoying the slowness of time.

Things to do in Gushaini

A small village, Gushaini doesn’t have much to offer for the mainstream tourists. For the explorers, however, this place is pure magic. Gushaini is home to many beautiful routes. From here, you can head on out to many small hamlets and villages some of them are Nagini, Chalogi, Mungla etc.. Essentially you’ll learn the art of village hopping.

Choii Waerfall/ Nagini

Lying a few KMs from Gushaini, towards Sai Ropa comes this natural wonder, requiring only a short hike from the town of Nagini is this stunning waterfall. Enjoy the trek, the view of the waterfall is amazing. Though, be prepared to run into a few “tourists” here as this place is quite mainstream for the region.

Batahad ( Phalachan Valley)

Batahad is the entryway village to the Phalachan Valley, which in itself is a small sub-valley of Tirthan. Situated at a distance of about 10 Kms from Gushaini. It is also the starting point to Bashleo Pass Trek. The village is scenic, the folks are nice and you’ll enjoy the soothing atmosphere and hum-drum of the pace of life here.


Further up along the road, about 4 KMs ahead is another quaint settlement of Galingcha. Again, boasting of excellent views (can anything else exist?) – you can get to the village by a motorable road, or, if you’re feeling adventurous, through a short but steep hike.

Chehni Kothi

Quite famous, thanks to Ronni and Bartie showing us the beautiful wonders in their inspiring vlogs (not an ad, just a big fan!) Chehni Kothi is a medieval wooden citadel in a village of the same name. It is a short 30 mins hike from the road, somewhere between Jibhi and Banjar.

Tirthan Valley, What tranquil beauty
Tirthan Valley, What tranquil beauty

Treks near Gushaini

There are many, many, many trails from this little hamlet. This comes to no one’s surprise, given we are right at the base of the Great Himalayan National Park. I can’t cover them all here ( TRUST ME, there are MANY TREKS!), but, here are some of the many that you can participate in. Needless to say, one of the major lures of Tirthan Valley in general and Gushaini in particular is the beautiful treks around the region. Enjoy exploring!

Bashleo Pass Trek (same day)

As mentioned above, this particular trek begins at Bathad. I urge you to start the trek early so that you can cover the entire 10 KM journey in one day and return back to your lodging. However, if you’re late – then you’d need to cross over to Kully Sarahan and stay there for the night.

GHNP Gate/ Rolla (same day)

Getting to the entry gate From Gushaini it is around 8 Kms to the official entry point of the GHNP. The views are truly magnanamous with the crystal clear bluish green Tirthan river kkeeping you company. What’s more – you don’t need permission for the day trek. However, if you enter the park and plan on camping there –then you’ll need to attain a permit from Sai Ropa.

Pekhri to Rangthar (2-3 days)

Requiring a total of 2-3 days, this trek takes you to the small, yet enchanting village of Pekhri right up to the Rangthar top. The trek is stunning, for at the top you’ll reach a high altitude meadow with some of the most mind-blowing views of the surrounding ranges!

Sarchi to Lambhari Top to Serolsar (2-4 days)

This trek can be completed in 2 days too, however – keep longer days to truly cover the entire stretch. Start from the Jalori pass and cross the Serolsar lake. The first day you’ll come across some “crystal caves” where you can look for some beautiful stones to carry with you as souvenneirs. You can even take a guide with you to cover the entire route. The flora, fauna and wildlife will keep you mesmerized throughout the entire duration.

Views on the way to Jalori Pass
Views on the way to Jalori Pass

Where to stay

There are a bunch of homestays, luxury places as well as affordable budget homes for you to choose from. Raju Homestay is as famous as it gets – though bookings might be difficult. However, the food is simply delicious.

What to eat

Trout fish and local Himachali cuisine should definitely be on your list of food to taste! Siddu with ghee is something that you MUST have! Non-vegetarians can indulge in the genius preparation of Chha Gosht. Other than this the ever-trustworthy Maggi with Chai, and your basic north indian affair are all valid options.


  1. You will have decent connectivity and mobile phones work fairly well in the town itself
  2. Road conditions are great for the most part. However, be careful as the width is less and oncoming traffic can be a pain to manouver.
  3. For anything major in terms of health issues, you will have to travel to Mandi, Aut. However, Gushaini does have a hospital for basic needs, in case required.
  4. Get a tankful of fuel at Mandi. However, you’ll have access to some petrol pumps in the route towards Gushaini.
  5. ATM is available in Gushaini
  6. You don’t need permits to visit Gushaini or other villages in Tirthan valley. But, if you’re planning to get into the core zone of Great Himalayan National Park, then you will have to acquire a permit from Sai Ropa office, costing about INR 100 for Indian citizens and INR 400 for foreign visitors (per day).
The silky waters of Tirthan River
The silky waters of Tirthan River


When you’re looking for unexplored places that are still accessible, look no further than Gushaini! This little hamlet has it all – flora, fauna, wildlife, seclusion, beauty, snow, and a tranquil river to boot. Enjoy the hum-drum of life and hop on from one village to the next. Interact with locals, eat great food, explore the woods and be happy all around. Gushaini will not disappoint you ever. Happy travelling.

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