Are You Guilty Of These Eye Makeup Removal Mistakes?

Are You Guilty Of These Eye Makeup Removal Mistakes?

Are You Guilty Of These Eye Makeup Removal Mistakes?

If you didn’t know that the skin around your eyes is nine times thinner than the rest of your body, here’s your wakeup call. No wonder the demand for eye creams and makeup concealers is always hitting the roof. Now don’t give us excuses for not caring enough for the skin around your eyes because for starters, you can take eye makeup removal a bit more seriously. We know you treat it like a chore (or worse still, sleep with makeup on), but it’s time you turn over a new leaf and consider eye care a priority in your beauty checklist.

We’ve rounded up some of the most common eye makeup removal mistakes so you can finally stop cutting corners and causing your skin more harm.

You’re using facial cleanser for eye makeup removal

Newsflash! That bottle of facewash might be your favourite thing in the world, but truth be told, your eyes do not approve of it. It might be tempting to go straight in with the cleanser, especially after a long day at work, but know that you’ll be mentally kicking yourself the next morning, courtesy — raccoon eyes and mascara strewn lashes.

You’re using the wrong makeup remover

There’s a reason why the Beauty Gods blessed us with a makeup removing formula, specially formulated for the eyes. Consider swapping wipes or your cleansing oil with a heavy-duty cleansing balm. These taskmasters work as hard as you do and remove every trace of even the most faithful (read stubborn) mascara formulas out there.

You’re scrubbing too hard

Removing makeup in vigorous circular motions might work for your face, but for your peepers, it’s a big boo-boo. Going aggro on your eyes can lead to redness and irritation so stick to gentle motions. Soak a clean cotton pad with eye makeup remover and hold it over your eye for a good 30 seconds — this helps break down layers of makeup pigment. Now finally, go in for a gentle wipe and see the magic!

You’re forgetting your brows

Yes, you got rid of all that kohl, your waterline is finally clean, but what about your arches? Most brow pencils are wax-based and hence, refuse to budge when subjected to only your standard facial cleanser. So next time, remember to include the brows in your tough eye makeup removal ritual.

You’re being skimpy with the cotton pads

If you’re using the same side of a cotton pad over and over again or using the flip side of a dirty pad the next night (‘cause why waste), STOP RIGHT NOW! Not only is a dirty cotton pad a hotbed for bacterial growth, but it’s also ten times less effective than a clean one. We’re assuming you wanna hit the bed quick, right?

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