Are Teal Sunglasses Good For Eyes?

Are Teal Sunglasses Good For Eyes?

Are Teal Sunglasses Good For Eyes?

When choosing sunglasses in the store someone may tell you that blue Lenses or teal sunglasses may hurt your eyes. You may be confused whether it is true or not. Anybody who says yes these are bad for you, are not considering the fact. Not wearing sunglasses, you are exposing your eyes to many colours from white light not just blue. Red, pink, blue, purple all these visible colours are damaging your eyes. So the question must be-do blue lenses look cool on you. The answer is yes. If you want healthy eyes, go for a pair of polarized glasses that product all sides of your eyes from harmful rays.

Why Do People Prefer Blue Tinted Lenses In Sunglasses?  

All tinted lenses diminish the amount of light reaching your eye , blue and other. Blue lenses simply allow some more blue light through-not more than wearing clear lenses or no lenses. The most negative effect of a blue lens will be the situations having depth perception. Blue lenses make the perimeter of objects appear software and out of focus and the result may affect depth perception. 

Blue lenses have zero factor in blue light or HEV light damaging THE eye. Blue light cause eye strain and effect circadian rhythms leading to sleep disturbance, it looks more and more as if it takes great amount of HEV to have these effects and its long term harm has been over exaggerated

 Are There Any Side Effects To Blue Tinted Glasses? 

Some people agree that blue tinted glasses are bad for eyes because they want to filter the blue light which causes damage to ise. Blue right is related to AMD, so sunglasses that filter blue light should be chosen to protect eyes from being damaged. Blue tinted glasses will let blue light pass through the lenses and reach the eyes so better not choose blue lenses in sunglasses.  

Brown and grey coloured lenses are usually recommended. You should avoid wearing blue lenses because they are harmful and cause eye damage. Grey and brown light filter blue light and thus protect the eyes. All lenses cannot prevent UV rays so you must choose sunglasses with UV protection  if you want your eyes to be protected. 

What About Mirror Coated Lenses?  

Mirror coated lenses reflect light away from entering your eyes and allow you to see clearly. This coating resembles small mirrors and is available in different densities and colours. The coolest colour is blue and there are many options but if you purchase blue mirror sunglasses you can wear them on a hot summer day to look refreshing, cool and fashionable. 

Mirror coated sunglasses are great for athletes and sports lovers as they provide protection to the wearers eyes under the sun, allowing him to concentrate on his performance. You can buy blue mirrored sunglasses online and also other colours like white, green, Orange etc. Styles include round sunglasses, square shaped sunglasses, cat eye, pilot sunglasses, retro square sunglasses,  oval and butterfly sunglasses. Explore exclusive collections at your favourite online store and purchase trending sunglasses for both men and women which are offered by renowned brands in the world.

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