Age as the cause of impotence & erectile dysfunction

Age as the cause of impotence & erectile dysfunction

Sex in old age plays a much bigger role than it did a few decades ago. At the same time, the frequency of erection problems increases with age. There are numerous therapy options that make spontaneous and fulfilling sexuality possible even in old age.

Sex means the quality of life and zest for life and also plays a major role in an intact relationship. Sex in old age also plays an important role today. A study by sexologist in Delhi showed, among other things, that for 98 percent of all 50- to 60-year-old men, sexuality is very important or at least means the “spice of life”. Among 70- to 80-year-olds, 70% still believe this.

From the age of 40, the ability to have an erection decreases

Men around the age of 20 are at the peak of their sexual performance. Men around forty often notice that their erectile power is becoming weaker and weaker: the potency declines and it often takes longer and stronger stimulation before a full erection is achieved. The penis is not as stiff anymore, the ejaculation is less repeatable, says the best sexologist in Delhi.

With advancing age, there is an increasing loss of elasticity of the penile connective tissue, which is attributed to changed metabolic processes. Every second man between 50 and 59 suffers from mild to moderate erectile dysfunction.

Between the ages of 60 and 69, the number of severe cases of erectile dysfunction almost doubled. Twelve percent no longer get an erection. Almost 60 percent of men aged 70 to 80 suffer from mild to moderate erectile dysfunction. As a result, most men over the age of 70 are unable to have an erection. Most of those affected then suffer from a complete erection loss explains sexologist in Delhi.

Age-Related Erectile Dysfunction – And Now?

The age-related increase in erectile dysfunction de facto means that almost two-thirds of all men will experience erectile dysfunction during their lifetime. On the other hand, age does not always have to be linked to potency problems: one in four men over the age of 80 still enjoy unimpaired erection, sexologist doctor in Delhi says.

The goal of most affected men is to experience spontaneous sexuality without having to prepare extensively beforehand, such as taking a tablet or inflating the erectile tissue using a penis ring, etc.

A lot can be achieved here with new therapeutic approaches. These approaches aim to cure erectile dysfunction. The individual healing concept can include, for example, regular special pelvic floor training in order to build up the specific pelvic floor muscles. In addition – depending on the diagnostic values ​​- taking special tablets at night or targeted vacuum pump training can also be useful, suggests top sexologist in Delhi.

Important: Before the therapy, there is a detailed diagnosis

Which therapy is the most promising depends on the individual cause of the erectile dysfunction? It is important that the causes are thoroughly diagnosed first, in order to then be able to carry out the individually tailored therapeutic training for the person concerned, suggests sex specialist in Delhi.

The best sex positions for people with lower back pain

With pain in the lower back, sex often becomes a special challenge. Many of those affected are therefore less or not sexually active at all. This, in turn, can lead to depression or negative changes in the relationship. Sex specialist doctor in Delhi found out in a study in which positions are most comfortable for affected patients.

  • Does the pain occur when the upper body is bent? Doggy-style sex is recommended here: the partner is on the hands and knees, while the penetration by the man is from dorsal (back). The so-called “spoon position” is also ideal: the partners lie side by side and look in one direction during penetration.
  • Does the pain occur when you lean back? Here the missionary position seems to be the best.

Other ways to make sexual activity more enjoyable:

  • a warm bath, a shower and / or taking pain medication just before sex
  • depending on where the pain occurs: movement in the hip and knees, but not in the spine
  • Use of rolled-up towels or pillows, which you can put under your back, for example
  • After sexual activity, cool the painful back area with ice or a cooling pad
  • Good communication between the partners is essential here too. The best way to find out what is pleasant and feasible is through conversation.

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