8 Health Benefits of Sex

8 Health Benefits of Sex

Sex is good and still good for your health! The orgasm, for example, is one of the most intimate and delicious sensations for men and women and is much more than signal the success of a sexual relationship. Every day, scientists discover new effects of this organic reaction that, in addition to improving emotions, does a lot for your health. “The orgasm contributes for men and women to live with more quality, it is a moment of pleasure that reverberates for several days”, says sexologist in Delhi, Dr. P K Gupta.

However, despite providing pleasure and quality of life, a survey by an institution revealed that 70% of Indians have less sex than they declare in conversations and public research. Therefore, Sexologist doctor in Delhi encourages you to improve this situation by bringing what science and experts are saying out there about the benefits that an active sex life brings to the body. Check out:

Relieves migraine attacks

According to the best sexologist in Delhi, orgasm releases substances, such as endorphins, that act on the nervous system. “They decrease the sensitivity to pain, relaxing the muscles and improving mood,” he says.

Improves the appearance of the skin

Having sex, especially in the morning, is a powerful ally of beauty to maintain youth. That was the conclusion of a study, carried out by scientists at Queens University (United Kingdom). According to the sex specialist in Delhi, reaching orgasm increases the levels of estrogen, testosterone and other hormones linked to the shine and texture of the skin and hair.

In addition, when orgasm occurs, superficial vasodilation of the vessels occurs, even increasing the temperature in some people. With this, the skin gains a fresher appearance, and its natural glow is highlighted.

Relieves PMS cramps

Top sexologist in Delhi makes a point of reinforcing that this is not a rule, but it does happen with some women. The movements performed during sex stimulate the internal organs, which are more relaxed and, with that, there is a decrease in the pains that disturb your well-being in the days before menstruation. “But there are women who, in the premenstrual phase, are not willing to have sex and forcing the bar can be worse,” says the sex doctor in Delhi.

Improves sleep

The relaxation that orgasm brings helps you sleep better, and not just on days when you have sex. The reaction has a prolonged effect, due to the action of neurotransmitters that start to act in your organism more regularly and in a larger quantity.

Decreases stress

The sex specialist doctor in Delhi is keen to emphasize that orgasm should not be seen as a calming remedy, but as part of an affective relationship that brings pleasure. When this happens, stress levels tend to decrease not only because of emotional stability, but also because so-called stress hormones, such as cortisol, show reduced activity.

Decreases the risk of heart attack

A study by the University of Bristol, in Great Britain, carried out with more than 3,000 men between 45 and 59 years old, concluded, after 20 years, that frequent sex can reduce the risk of fatal infarctions and strokes. According to the sexologist in Delhi, sudden death from heart problems is more common among men who claim to have low or moderate levels of sexual activity.

Burns calories

According to the sexologist in Delhi, sexual activity can be a great exercise for the body. That’s because half an hour of sex burns an average of 85 calories. So, if you’re out of patience to go to the gym, how about opting for plan B?

Increases immunity

According to sexologist in Delhi, an active sex life increases the levels of an antibody known as IgA, responsible for protecting the body from infections, flu and colds.

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