7 simple and easy beauty tips for the would be bride

7 simple and easy beauty tips for the would be bride

7 simple and easy beauty tips for the would be bride

beauty tips for bride

Beauty might not be the yardstick for love to find a way into your life but being a pretty bride is one desire that all of us unapologetically yield in to. And why not, for in fact on that one special day of our lives, we indeed have all the right and liberty to look our prettiest best. Choosing to make the plunge into marriage is anyway considerable stress, but getting married perhaps is one of the most unique bliss life has to offer. For brides to be and also for prospective grooms, an effective beauty regimen is a must if they want to look their radiant best on D-day. Listed below are 10 simple and easy but sureshot and effective beauty tips that every bride to be can follow for a lifetime worth of photogenic memories-

A good night’s sleep for nights on end

No matter how booming a market the cosmetic industry might be, makeup and beauty products play only second fiddle to the beauty that radiates from within. And beauty being an epitome of health, it follows therefore that being in the pink of health would endow you with the beauty blush you would so covet as a bride. Needless to say then embarking on the path to true beauty is as simple as sleeping your nights away.

A minimum eight hours of sleep is a must for everyone, brides included, to maintain optimal health and more than optimal beauty. Being therefore the sleeping beauty in her truest essence, with a well balanced sleep regimen will go a long way in making you not just a pretty bride today but also a gorgeous person forever. In lending your skin the glow and your face the fresh look, sleep is the most non- cost, minimal and vital beauty regimen every bride to be needs to adhere to.

Indulge in a balanced diet

Living the last few days of your single life to the fullest would mean of course that food and festivities need to be an integral part of your bachelorette. But given what you eat reflects instantly on your skin and hair and of course your tummy, it’s best to balance out your indulgences. A large part about looking beautiful is feeling beautiful, which isn’t exactly what would be happening if you happen to get that bloat or feel uneasy after weeks of bingeing on stuff that your body disapproves of.

Building up a diet plan that centers around a whole lot of fresh fruits and veggies is the key to eating your way to beauty. Of course, you need to make allowances from time to time as well for sinful treats. Because depriving yourself from your comfort food or your favorite dish would also weigh down on a happy and beautiful you. The trick is to strike a balance among various foods in a way that does not throw your looks off balance as well.

Be sensible in your choice of makeup

You of course would be wearing some makeup on your wedding day. In enhancing your features and having you look just the just the perfect look, makeup works best for every bride when they stick to beauty tips from the experts. It is essential to always go for good quality makeup, even when you intend to keep its use at a minimal. Also, opting for organic makeup brands is always a better choice since it would mean that there wouldn’t be many harsh chemicals trying to adversely show on your skin and face. But what is also as important as the brand and type of makeup you choose is its ‘compatibility’ with you.

Marriage is but a test of compatibility, the exertion of which can even extend to your looks. It’s advisable therefore to let logic rule your look rather than whims ruining it. Because beauty comes to all in a different kind, it is only natural that what looks good on your cousin might not look as mindblowing on you. Try therefore to not keep unrealistic expectations from makeup to make you up into someone you are not. From choosing the right lip color to sticking to your staple eyebrow arc to relying on the type of shampoo to smooth out your hair, every minute detail is worth the effort. It’s always advisable to try out your wedding day look beforehand so that no one is gasping at some unpleasant surprise when you finally step out as the bride.

Extend your beauty regimen all over your body

One of the beauty tips that any bride would be guilty of overlooking would be of not prioritising. For many, the concept of beauty still tends to be one exclusive to the face and limited to the tresses at best. But that’s a glaring mistake to make specifically when you are all set to stun on a day that is sure to see you as the cynosure of all eyes. Beauty, if you indeed have to view it externally, is as much about your physicality as it is about the appearance. Which makes it extremely important that the beauty regimen you have worked out for yourself should be generous enough with each part of your being.

As important as your face and hair when it comes to beautifying yourself are your hands and legs, specifically when you are a bride to be. Be it flaunting the engagement ring or displaying the bridal mehendi, your hands and your feet capture equal attention. Make sure therefore that apart from the facial sessions and hair care techniques you generously splurge on, it also is a manicure and a pedicure session that is worth all the bucks. Not to forget your neck and back and the entire expanse of your body that makes up in totality your physical appearance.

Let not your teeth taint your look

Your teeth sure make up for a part of your face but why we have had to single them out particularly is the fact that sometimes the set of teeth tends to be overlooked even when it sits pretty in prime position. As a bride you would be likely smiling all the smiles in the world, be it while posing for the pics or meeting and greeting the all important guests. And you sure wouldn’t be doing it all perfectly if you don’t have a set of perfect pearly whites to flaunt. Make sure therefore that your teeth are also catered to in all fairness for you to have the last laugh in your marriage and in life. Cut down on your caffeine doses or opt for whitening methods to prepare yourself for flashing the widest toothed grin on all your wedding photos.

Choose your wedding trousseau wisely

Contrary to popular perceptions, even donning a Sabyasachi for the wedding might not guarantee you the showstopper aura if you aren’t doing it right. Your body shape and color determines what outfit will be the perfect match for you, unlike the perfect groom with whom you need to connect through the soul. Choose a dress that flatters your figure and compliments your complexion and also style it to perfection. Having a professional stylist on board while making the pick would have added benefit with their experience and keen eye for visualising decoding what would be the best for you.

Also essential is to pick your wedding jewelry in a manner that sits right there with your choice of dress and not come across as gawdy. Not to mention how your makeup and hair should also be in conformity with the wedding lehenga you have splurged a fortune on. After all, it is the wearer who determines the worth of the dress and you as the bride sure have all power resting with you when it comes to shining bright on your special day with effective beauty tips to help you out.


Perhaps the most ideal of beauty tips you can give to any bride to be is to ask them to destress. Of course it’s easier to say than it is to do. What with wedding being such a huge responsibility by itself, not just on the D day but also for lifetime, it is inevitable that you would have a ton of thoughts bugging you. From having to deal with the wedding blues of embarking on a new journey in life to fretting over whether the wedding decor will awe everyone as much as you had envisaged, there can be any n number of issues that seek to adversely impact you and your glow.

Essential it is then even in the midst of all these hassles, you take out time for yourself, to unwind and relax. You can choose to pamper yourself with a massage therapy that will not just ease the stress but also have additional beauty benefits. At other times though, it is something as simple as listening to your favorite music or grooving to ‘your’ song that can do the trick. Trying out something as wholesome as meditation and yoga or seeking out nature as well can be as effective, of course with their own set of beauty enhancing effects as well.

The point is to drain the stress out of your system because it indeed is a toxin your mind and body can do well without. Stress also translates effectively into such beauty hazards as fine lines and dark circles and even weight gain either directly or indirectly that seeks to take the sheen off your bridal look. Every bride therefore needs to devise her own way to destress to absolutely rock her wedding night as also her married life!

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