7 Products You Should Remember About for a Perfect Manicure

7 Products You Should Remember About for a Perfect Manicure

7 Products You Should Remember About for a Perfect Manicure

As you are trying to accomplish the perfect manicure, you should learn more about different products that could help you achieve the ideal end results. Being able to apply the nail polish correctly is not enough to take proper care of your hands, you need to equip yourself with at least seven additional products to be able to give your nails the manicure they deserve. Here are all the products you need for a perfect manicure.

Base Coat

If you don’t wish for your nails to get stained by colourful nail polish, you should have a base coat at the ready. Applying a base coat will add some extra time to complete the process, but it will also give the coloured nail polish something to adhere to, which should result in your manicure lasting a little longer. Preventing staining and strengthening your nails at the same time should be certainly worth it. Base coats, however, just as nail polishes, oftentimes don’t include the best nail brush, but you can always solve that problem with quality nail art brushes.

Quality Nail Clippers

Good nail clippers have to be strong and sharp enough to cut your nail without damaging it. Nail clippers are an optimal choice and preferred over scissors according to nail experts, as they are healthier for the nail. It is the basic tool that you need to perform a manicure, so make sure it is of the highest quality possible and fits well in your hand.

Curved Nail File

A traditional nail file is sufficient enough for an amateur, but if you want to take your manicure skills to a new level, you should consider buying a high-quality curved nail file. It is far simpler and easier to use, especially when you’re doing someone else’s nails. Because of the curve, you will use a much more natural movement and follow the shape of the nails with a far smaller chance of any mess-ups.

Cuticle Pusher

If you wish to keep your nails clean at all times, you might want to invest in a cuticle pusher. This nail product will enable you to push back your cuticles, expose your whole nail and is far healthier than cutting cuticles. It is also a very inexpensive product, costing you less than a pound. Many professional nail technicians recommend it, so why not give it a try?

Nail Strengthening Polish

The most popular types of manicure are hybrid, acrylic, and gel. These types of manicures can also, unfortunately, damage your natural nails if you don’t give them some time to rest from time to time between manicures. This is when a nail strengthening polish comes to play. Once you have removed acrylic, gel, or hybrid nail polish, paint your nails with a strengthening polish to restore them to their former glory.

Hand Cream

There is only one secret to having healthy nails, and it is ensuring you have healthy hands. Dry and damaged skin around your nails can affect the health of your nails, so it is best to protect the skin on your hands at all times. You can take care of your hands by simply applying a moisturizing hand cream every day. It is a good habit to develop and your nails, as well as hands, will thank you for it later.

Cuticle Oil

If you don’t like the consistency of hand cream, you can swap it for a cuticle oil that will also help the skin around your nails stay healthy and moisturized. You should apply it always after you have finished working on your nails, and an additional couple of times between manicures won’t hurt as well.


Nail care might seem a little sophisticated or overcomplicated, but having perfect nails and not paying a lot of money to somebody else to achieve this end result is most certainly worth it. Buy products of good quality and watch your hands get more beautiful over time.

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